How can Magento 2 extension helping you boost your eCommerce sales?

How can Magento 2 extension helping you boost your eCommerce sales?

Magento is a modern-day ecommerce software solution with lots of pre-built feature in it and not only that, but Magento has also worldwide used for its rich genre of ecommerce solution. It gives opportunities to reach new customers living in distant areas. However, holding a Magento based website does not mean that the merchant has achieved perfection in doing his business. The reason is sites are common things nowadays it isn’t something unique. All we need is to provide flawless flexibilities and immense options when the customer is engaging or purchasing from your website. Flexibilities in ecommerce website development can accomplish through the installation of plugins and extensions.

Below are the given extensions which are divided into various categories like:

  • Magento customer support extensions
  • Magento payments and security extensions
  • Magento marketing related extensions
  • Magento accounting and operation related extensions
  • Magento shipping and fulfillment oriented extensions

Below are the given Magento 2 Extensions to boost your eCommerce sales:

Magento Payment Gateway Extensions

Magento 2 payments or checkout extensions help to simplify the complicated checkout process because your users want easy or simplified checkout methods. All these Magento 2 extensions help to deliver a safe, efficient and speedy checkout. For example: Amasty this extension enables your big checkout page into one step checkout extension. Therefore, this plugin will not only speed up the process but, it will also help to enhance your customer satisfaction. Thus, the easy and fast checkout process will also help to turn your buyers into frequent customers. Henceforth, Magento 2 checkout extension can completely customize and optimize your checkout page design.

Highlighting Features:

  • Can set default pre-selected values for particular checkout fields.
  • Allow automatic geo location detection with GEO IP.
  • Edit Product options.
  • Enable delivery date and time options.
  • Amazon Pay support

Magento Shipping Extension

Shipping is a significant part of any Magento website development. However, Magento 2 provides shipping features, configurations, and extensions but, there are still needs to charge custom shipping rates to from customers, based on some specific conditions. Henceforth, you can have completely tailored shipping rules as a business requires with the help of Magento Shipping extension. For example: Owebia

It helps you create a unique, smooth and clear shopping cart for your customers. It also lets you configure shipping fees in a very extensible manner where the extensions allow you to set shipping fees using all essential variables like destination, date, weight, categories, price, quantity, coupon codes, product attributes, item options, customer attributes, Magento custom variables, etc.

Highlighting features:

  • It manages fees discount with exclusive coupon codes
  • Add variable attributes
  • Free of cost

Magento Optimization Extensions

Once your website gets ready to sell products, then you need to find ways on how to attract online visitors. Therefore, structure your e-Commerce store for search engines activities where Magento certified developer provides you the number of SEO extensions which can offer you a huge variety of features.

Highlighting Features:

  1. Advanced pagination + redirects
  2. Rich snippets in search results
  3. Create meta tags templates automatically

Product Options

This extension builds default custom options such as by creating options dependencies, adding one or more options, different types of pricing, offering more products by using option, etc. Therefore, it also helps to make sure that all the options can be managed in bulk or through options templates and hence you can build all the conditions to make the shopping process more customizable.

Out of Stock notifications

If you are struggling with showing or hiding, out of stock products in your ecommerce store, then Magento developers will provide you the feature of sending email notifications when the products are back in stock. This feature will also let your customers remind about your store and the products, and then you can save their emails to the database as well. So, in this way, you can keep your user informed when the products are back, or the price gets changed.

Advanced Reports

Magento 2 extensions help you to monitor sales and all the other financial history. So, these reports will also help you to view the stats of individual categories, products, and promotions. Where you can simplify your work and filter the reports by year, month, week or day. Therefore, with the help of this data in hand, you will be able to create a plan for improving your sales performance and other additional activity.

So, for wrapping up Magento is a leading Magento ecommerce development platform that most of the smart retailer relies on these days. Therefore, it helps to increase eCommerce revenue and brand exposure globally, where it will be only benefited from the platform you choose for your e-store.

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