How are Infrared Heaters good for your health?

How are Infrared Heaters good for your health?

Infrared heating is quickly becoming the most preferred source of heating because of the various benefits it has. Convectional heaters are known to produce heat which heats up the surfaces and air whereas infrared heaters warm people and objects directly. A heat movement is created in the body by circulation of the blood which manufactures deep warmth.

What exactly is infrared heating?

To be able to understand how infrared heaters are good for the health it is important to first know what infrared heating is. Imagine touching a surface that has just been heated by the sun and the nice warmth seeps through your skin, feels good right? Infrared heating comes from the sun rays which have several electromagnetic waves with infrared being one of the waves. These rays travel in the atmosphere without the help of any medium and when the rays are in contact with an object they warm the object from the inside without heating the air around.

Instead of heating the surrounding air, infrared directly heats floors, walls, and objects found in a room. Once heated the objects are able to release their heat to the environment. The heating system ensures the floor and its surroundings are more warm than the ceiling. When compared to conventional heating, you will realize that the infrared heating reduces the floor and ceiling difference in temperature. Since infrared heating does not rely on air currents to transport the heat it is possible to regulate the temperature of a room.

How does it work?

Infrared heating sounds like magic considering they are invisible rays that have so much power and benefits. The infrared rays are distributed using an infrared heater panels or boilers which when installed enables you to enjoy infrared heating. For example you have installed two panels in a room and heat reflections comes through the window, it will heat the panel which in turn will emit heat to the rest of the room even if the outdoors temperature is low.

How does it benefit the health?

Helps in getting rid of toxins

Our body is full of toxins because of what our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis. Infrared heating is an efficient way to get rid of toxins. Research shows that infrared heat rids the body of more than 20 percent of waste and toxins compared to conventional heat systems. Toxins in our bodies are in form of clumps which eventually block blood circulation and tamper with the body’s cellular energy.

When the energy from infrared waves comes in contact with the fluids that have toxins they start to vibrate which releases the toxic waste into the blood stream and then they are detoxified by the body. The sweat released from our body through infrared heating has a higher concentration of toxins which include cholesterol, ammonia, toxic metals, fat soluble toxins, sulphuric acid and even uric acid. Because the heat improves circulation the body is able to sweat off the toxic waste.

Improve the immune system

Our immune system relies on the air around us. If the air is full of pollutants they will find their way into your body and lower your immune system. If you are having symptoms of a cold or a flu by exposing yourself to infrared heat for about 20 minutes your immune system is boosted and you are able to fight off flu before it progresses. Through infrared heating, your body is able to fight off bacteria, viruses and cancer cells because it boosts the production of T-cells and white blood cells. Infrared heat creates an environment where germs, bacteria, and viruses cannot thrive. People with asthma and other respiratory disease are urged to install infrared heaters in their home to minimize flare-ups.

Most of the cells in our bodies are heat resistant because of the years of accumulated toxins and that is why it is easy to get colds and flu. Cancer cells, on the other hand, are very sensitive to heat and cannot survive in an environment that has excessive heat. An increase in temperature causes the abnormal cells to be destroyed without harming the other healthy cells. This is why cancer cells in a patient's bodies are killed by radiation.

Flawless skin

Infrared heating is an advantage to the beauty industry. You do not have to spend thousands on creams that make wrinkles or acne disappear just install infrared heating in your home or office. The more exposure your skin has the more collagen is produced. Collagen is that little secret ingredient that repairs our skin and makes it look gorgeous and radiant. It also helps in healing soft tissue injuries such as cuts, wounds, and scars.

If you hate how huge your skin pores are infrared heating is the solution to your woes. In addition, it makes the wrinkles, crow’s feet and lines fade. The texture of the skin becomes as smooth as a baby’s and it keeps off damage caused by skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

Speeds Up the Metabolic System

To lose weight your metabolic system needs to be high. This means your body needs to convert food into energy which keeps you energetic and active. Infrared rays perform this by heating up the connective tissues, muscles and internal organs which stimulates the tissue cells. The tissue cells produce vibrational energy which powers the mitochondria and eventually increases energy production.

Most of the stubborn fats in our bodies are dealt with using infrared heated studios. Infrared heated studios are popular because one session of about an hour is enough to burn up to 1200 calories. Waste and toxins are stored in the fatty tissue and when they are not broken down they cause an increase in weight. Infrared heating is saying goodbye to lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity and cardiac diseases.


Infrared heating is an effective way and environmentally friendly way to heat commercial, residential and industrial areas as it minimizes air pollution. In addition, it creates a healthy environment for people with respiratory diseases as it has no air currents which increase circulation of dust and particles in a room. It is a perfect solution for getting rid of mold since it gets rid of excess humidity.

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