Hound Dogs: 2 Best Breeds & 'Promises' to Make Before Adopting /Buying One

Hound Dogs: 2 Best Breeds & 'Promises' to Make Before Adopting /Buying One

Have you stopped going on a hunting spree just because you don’t have any companion who shows equal enthusiasm and interest like you? If yes, then here’s one solution from my side. Don’t wait for any family member to go with you for hunting every weekend. Instead, adopt a little ball-of-fur who loves hunting even more than you do, who has the trait of a hunter in her/his blood. Confused? Well, I’m talking about adopting or buying a little hound pup who would grow up to be an absolutely skilled hunter.

Now when you visit a puppy adoption center or a pet plaza, you’ll come across a wide variety of hound dogs. And trust me, you’ll literally feel like adopting /buying every puppy; after all, every pup will be looking at you with those innocent eyes and face.

But yes, you need to be very sorted while adopting/buying a pup and hence, it’ll be best if you research about the ‘best hound doggies’ on the internet and then, shortlist a couple of them. What? Don’t have time to research? Well then, you have landed on the right article because here, I’ve listed down the top 2 hound pooches that will grow up into avid hunters. So, just read on and hope you’ll like this article!

2 Hound Dogs that will be Your Best Hunting Buddy

1. Beagle - According to me and many other dog experts or vets, the Beagle is one of those few hounds that look really cute, innocent and are relatively small, but when it comes to hunting, they are absolutely brilliant-cum-sincere learners. Their sense of smell is absolutely unbeatable and unparallel in the dog world, and dogs have one of the best noses in the animal kingdom. So while training them, make sure you make them sniff their prey before you ask them to chase it.

Additional Tip: Never leave them alone at home as they might turn destructive.

2. Bloodhound: Don’t you think the name ‘Bloodhound’ itself gives you an impression that this hound dog is a ruthless hunter? I’m sure your answer is yes. Well to be very honest, this pooch belonging to hunting dog breeds is indeed very hardnosed. They’ll live up to your expectations when it comes to being active on a hunting spree. The two major factors that make them great hunting dogs are strong nose and unparalleled tracking abilities (somewhat like beagles only).

Now that you know about the top two hound dogs that are ideal for being your hunting companion, what are you waiting for? Go to an adoption center or a pet shop and adopt/purchase either of these two amazing hunters.

4 Oaths that You Need to Take before Buying/Adopting a Hound Dog

But before you bring home any of these two hunting dog breeds, there are a couple of oaths that you need to take such as:

  • I’ll be absolutely patient when training my puppy and won’t force him/her to learn anything.
  • I’ll get my pet spayed or neutered, no matter how much I have to splurge on this medical treatment so that my pooch stays healthy and lives longer.
  • I’ll take him/her to a vet on a daily basis so that his/her health can be under check.
  • I’ll try to spend as much time as possible with my furry baby so that he or she doesn’t feel lonely or left out.

Hope you will take these oaths without fail. If you ignore these oaths, you’ll end up ruining the little one’s life forever.

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