Here’s How to Incorporate Animation into Your Website Design

Here’s How to Incorporate Animation into Your Website Design

Believe it or not, animation in web design is a powerful tool that has the real potential to communicate the message or feelings your brand is trying to convey. In addition, it has the ability to draw the attention of viewers and clearly explain complex topics.

There are many websites that are using animation in many interesting and innovative ways, on the other hand, there are also a lot of websites that are not incorporating animation in their website design strategy.

Since the trend of using animation in web design is skyrocketing, it is advised to add animation to your website design agency 2018. Here are a few tips every brand should consider while using animation on their website.

Use it Strategically to Improve the User Experience

It is highly advised to use animation on your website purposefully. For instance, using motion graphics on an important piece of content to grab viewers’ attention or using an animated button to draw user’s attention that improve the overall user experience. If motion and animation used strategically and purposefully to improve the user experience, it can do wonders. There are many websites that are using animation and motions graphics thoughtfully to showcase how their products work.

It should be kept to Minimum

Your business website serves as a great communication tool that conveys your brand story and value proposition to your audience loudly and clearly. Obviously, you don’t want to distract visitors from your brand story by adding a lot of animated objects. Therefore, it is advised to use it minimally. You can use animated icons on the home page, landing pages and other pages of your website. Using animated icons in a colorful layout that doesn’t distract users’ attention but encourage them to pay a little more attention to the animated parts of the website can simply enhance the overall user experience.

Add Hove Effects

One of the simplest and effective animations you can use on your website is a hover effect on buttons and icons. This type of animation happens when the mouse mover an icon on the screen, such as the button changing its colors, or icon growing its size. The key to using the hover effects is used them strategically and consistently. If the icons grow on the homepage, follow the same pattern throughout the website.

Add a Background Video and GIF

Using background videos is a great way to add movement to your website. A background video includes everything from images with sublet movement to catchy visual elements to live action clips. In addition, adding GIF style animation is another great idea to add excitement to your website and enhance your brand personality.

Consider the Budget

Incorporating animation into your website design can increase the cost of your web design project and it may increase the time your development team requires to get the project done. However, it has the real potential to add a wow effect to keep users engaged for longer and set your brand apart from your competitors. You can estimate the cost of designing an animated website by using a website calculator.

Not sure, what type of animation you should use on your website? Hiring a website design agency is a sensible decision to create an animated website for your business. It is recommended to outline your goals, pricing, budget and any specific preferences you have for your web design project. This way, you can easily incorporate animation into your website and delight your visitors.

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