Hardwood Floors Are Back In Trend, So Remove the Carpets and Get Them Refinished!

Hardwood Floors Are Back In Trend, So Remove the Carpets and Get Them Refinished!

The beautiful hardwood floors are a centuries’ old trend. People can put carpets and rugs here and there but the essence of warmth and basicness is most evident from the hardwood floor only.

A few decades ago, the trend fluctuated a little and people started covering the floors with heavy carpets, considering it a mark of lavishness. But now, the trend has taken a U-turn again and people are madly longing for hardwood floors.

People who are making new houses in Chapel Hill NC are requesting the contractors to make hardwood floors, while people who own the old houses are removing carpets to get the sight of warmth and they thinking to get their hardwood floors refinished by some affordable hardwood refinishing services.

But, unfortunately, hardwood floors have a tendency to fade out, even if they are covered with 5 feet thick carpet. The hardwood floors need maintenance after some time because their luster can be lost and they can face damage and little cracks and ridges.

Get an Assistance of a Professional

In such situations, the best option is to get the services of a hardwood refinishing company. Some people tend to attempt the restoration of the floor themselves, but it is a very risky step. A layman cannot deal with the heavy machinery and skills which require to restore the beauty and reliability of the hardwood floor. A layman often ends up doing more damage than good in this specific restoration process.

But when you take the help of a professional refinishing company, they take the responsibility of restoring your floor into the best possible state. Also, the money spent in the professional refinishing process will not hurt more than the ruin of the hardwood floor because of unprofessional handling.

The professionals are well-equipped, well-skilled and experienced enough to give the best shape to your damaged and faded hardwood floor.

The professionals bring their own commercial tools. The main tools which they use are;

  • Drum floor sander
  • An edger
  • A buffer with steel wood pads

A normal household does not possess such tools at the house. So, if you are planning to do the DIY refinishing, you have to keep in mind that without these tools, you cannot get even the five percent of the restoration. And even if you somehow get hold onto these tools from somewhere, the lack of experience in operating this equipment can do some serious irreparable damage to your hardwood floor and then there will be no professional left who can bring you out from such misery.

The basic two steps of hardwood restoration include i.e. Buffing, and Sanding and Refinishing. In the buffing process, the scratches are ridges present on the surface level are treat by scratching them off by a buffer. This process is lighter in its intensity than getting it done by a drum floor sander.

In the sanding and refinishing process, the use of drum sander comes in hand. It is the intense restoration step. In this process, you have every choice to make some fundamental changes on the floor too. Like you can change the color with staining as well as change the pattern of the floor too. The drum sander will nudge each and every flaw out of it and gives the new canvass to make a new hardwood floor on it.

You can take the help of a professional hardwood refinishing company near you in Chapel Hill easily.

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