Give your shower a unique and luxurious look!

Give your shower a unique and luxurious look!

These days lot of emphasis is given to washroom designing in terms of choosing best in class finishes as well as quality bathroom fittings. According to interior designers showers too don’t need to be boring at all. A shower if designed with style can be a refreshing experience. There are plenty of considerations to keep in mind in oder to spice up your shower.

1. Right Size

Small showers can really be claustrophobic and can ruin your bathing experience. A shower should be spacious enough so that its comfortable to move around when bathing. If you have the luxury of space then there is no issue. However, if the space doesnt permits you to have a large shower area then washroom layout should be in such a way that a considerable area is given to the shower. In case of smaller areas enclosures should not be used as they tend to make the space even more smaller.

2. Accessible Controls

All the wall mounted controls like faucets and hand showers should be at an height accessible by all family members irrespective of their height. If not planned properly then this can give a long term problem to the inhabitants of the house. Moreover, redoing the entire area can be a time consuming and costly affair so height of the controls should be given proper importance at the time of bathroom interior designing.

3. Shower Seat

Although a shower is particularly defined in terms of standing while having your bath. However, architects and interior designers have delve into different ideas to accessorise your shower. A shower seat is one such appealing idea which gives you the comfort of sitting. It makes the shower all the more usable and enjoyable. It can be a cantilevered seat or a proper solid seat touching the flooring.

4. Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures are also one of the design element that can be taken into consideration while designing a bathroom. One can go in for a see through glass enclosure or an etched glass. It can be a sliding door or a mix of fixed with a door opening.

5. Rain Shower

Ceiling showers can give you ultimate luxurious bath experience that you can delve into. If you want to enjoy a luxurious bathing time then go in for a ceiling mounted rain shower. These unqiue fittings gives your shower the exact feel and look that you get in a five star hotel.

6. Niches

Wall niches are a perfect way in which interior designers provide you a design element to your shower as well as a space to keep your toiletries. These niches work like magic for your keeping several shampoo and gel bottles. Plus you don’t need to hang those toiletry hangings.

7. Wall Finishes and Flooring

Wall finishes are of the most important design element when designing a luxurious shower. There are several finishes that can be incorporated. From Wooden tiles to rich marbles there are plenty of options to use of both wall cladding and flooring. In addition to this pebble tiles or real pebbles can also be used in the flooring.

8. Quality Bath Fittings

Choosing best in class and quality bath fitting is another important factor that needs to be looked upon while designing your bathroom and shower.

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