Get Rid Of Your Face And Body Hair!

Get Rid Of Your Face And Body Hair!

Facial and body hair is one thing that can be extremely annoying as you have to constantly keep a check on it and have to keep booking parlor appointments to get it removed. Going to a parlor on time is not always possible and can cost you a lot of money. Many people think of waxing at home which can get messy and painful.

If you are looking for a way to get rid of your facial and body hair without spending hundreds of dollars, using an epilator is your answer!

What is an epilator?

An epilator is a hair removing machine which looks like an electric razor and consists of a rotating head. Instead of blades, it has small tweezers which move really quickly and removes the hair effectively. Unlike a razor, an epilator removes the hair from the root similar to waxing. Epilators are available for the body as well as facial hair and you can look for the best epilator for face and body which will suit you best.

Epilating vs waxing – which is better

  1. Cost

This is one of the main factors to look at while choosing between waxing and epilating. Getting professional waxing done from a parlor costs a bomb and even though you have to do it once a month it still can be very expensive. Buying home waxing strips is cheaper than parlors, however every month you need to spend money to buy the strips.

Epilators may seem expensive but if you calculate the amount you spend every month as compared to an epilator which you can use over and over for a long time it turns out to be cheaper.

  1. Convenience

Epilating in the comfort of your own home and at any time you are free is much more convenient than pre-booking an appointment, traveling to the parlor and scheduling your work beforehand to be free for your appointment. With an epilator, you can o\pick it up any time you find yourself some free time and quickly get rid of unwanted hair!

Epilating vs Shaving

  1. Regrowth

One of the biggest advantages of epilating instead of shaving is that your hair takes longer to grow back as compared to shaving. This is because while epilating you pull the hair out of the root instead of simply cutting it while shaving. The hair that grows back after epilating is much thinner which indeed is an advantage.

  1. Stubble

While using a razor to get rid of unwanted hair although it is a quick and painless procedure it leaves the skin feeling rough and with prickly stubble. This can be very uncomfortable. Shaving also leaves behind cuts if you are not careful. This is not an issue with an epilator.

Spending money on an epilator might seem like a huge investment, however long term it has a lot of benefits and you will end up saving much more money than what you will spend initially.

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