Five Red Flags of Misleading Medical Office Cleaning Providers

Five Red Flags of Misleading Medical Office Cleaning Providers

When you hire a cleaning provider for your medical office, you assume that they are the resident experts. You expect them to be cleaning service professionals who have years of experience in maintaining the highest level of cleanliness for their medical office customers and clients.

The reality is that there are a lot of medical office cleaning providers who do not take their jobs seriously. This can lead to serious problems and health issues in your office for your patients and staff.

If you suspect that your current medical office cleaning provider may not be as good as you have heard or you have your suspicions about a cleaning provider you are thinking about hiring, watch out for these five red flags.

1. They Give you a Quote that’s Too Good

We are all looking for a good deal. Whether you are the head physician in your practice, the business owner, a partner, or the office manager, you are looking to save money while getting the best service possible. When you are shopping for a medical office cleaning provider in your area, many of them will be within the same price range.

It is when you find the low-priced outlier that you should be concerned. If you get a quote that seems too low or too good to be true, that’s typically a sign of the services you are getting. Low quotes normally lead to subpar cleaning practices and staff that have little to no experience.

The reason that they can afford to keep their prices so low means that they are cutting costs elsewhere. That means they are skipping out on quality cleaning materials, thorough disinfection and much shorter times spent cleaning your office than they are quoting you for.

Low quotes are just one of the many ways to spot a misleading medical office cleaning service.

2. Office Cleaning is Not Medical Office Cleaning

There is a good chance that there is a lot of skilled and experienced office cleaning staff in your area. Companies that have years of experience in cleaning businesses, offices, and commercial environments. You know that cleaning a corporate office vs. a medical office is a totally different environment. Cleaning a medical office requires a totally different set of skills and level of care in comparison to cleaning corporate office environments.

If the cleaning services company that you are shopping pitches you on their years of office cleaning experience without addressing their experience in cleaning medical offices and facilities, this could mean big trouble. Make sure that you vet a cleaning service credentials before you decide to sign on the dotted line. If you can, make sure to get a list of medical office references that you can contact about their cleaning services to make sure they are up to your standards.

3. Check What Kinds of Medical Offices They Have Experience With

Sometimes, just showing that you have medical office experience isn’t enough. General practice physicians may have totally different cleaning needs for their facility than other specialties. With that, these specialists are going to have different needs and standards for cleaning that are totally unique from other specialties in the medical field.

When you contact medical office cleaning service providers in your area, make sure that they also have experience in your field. If they don’t have any experience with your specialty, this can be a red flag. However, if they have experience with medical offices but are willing to ask questions and take the time to learn about the specific needs of your field, this could still be a cleaning service worth exploring.

4. Background Checks

Another common red flag in shopping medical office cleaning providers is if they don’t require background checks for their team. Cleaning services companies that don’t require background checks can hire anyone. This could mean they hire individuals who have no experience in cleaning medical offices or in the cleaning services field at all. This can also be a disaster if they hire employees with previous or existing criminal records. In the worst-case scenario, this can mean future theft and vandalism for your practice.

Be sure that your medical office cleaning provider performs mandatory background checks for each and every one of their service members.

5. Check for Certifications

Reputable and skilled medical office cleaning service providers will be open and honest about their credentials. Many of them will have commercial cleaning credentials, licenses, and certifications listed right on their website. This is always a good sign when you are looking for cleaning professionals that are qualified to clean medical offices.

On the other hand, cleaning services that don’t offer up their certifications and licenses can be a problem. Anytime that you are speaking to a cleaning services provider, you shouldn’t have to ask for their credentials and licenses. If you do, they should provide you with them immediately. If they decline to present you with their credentials, this is a major red flag. Make sure that your cleaning provider has proof of the necessary certifications and licensing that qualify them to clean your medical office.

If you need help cleaning your medical office or facility, contact our expert medical office cleaning providers today.

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