Five Mandatory Things to Do Right After the House Fire

Five Mandatory Things to Do Right After the House Fire

A house on fire is the scariest thing that one would ever experience. You need be patient enough to handle the stress and staying calm. It won’t be a big surprise if someone in your family faints during the process as you cannot come up with the ideas of saving the house instantly. Some of us just watch it burn from a distance, crying and shedding tears. However, such activities are not helpful at all. The foremost thing you should do is to get a control over your senses and think of better ideas.

Below are demonstrated a few of the steps that you should take right after your home is on fire.

No. 1: Call Your House Insurance Company

When your house is on fire, you should be running out of your place blindly but do not forget to take your phone with you. You can call the insurance company right there to get a claim for fire damage repair west in Columbia SC. Tough such calls can create a lot of stress and confusion, but these are necessary to put back your house together. Therefore, talking to your home insurance agent can prove to be a great help in saving your investment.

No. 2: Look For The Local Fire Damage Repair Companies

Whether the fire is a little one or an uncontrollable one, you need a plan to clear up the mess right after taking control over the fire. Dealing with these issues is mandatory, but you cannot risk your life on hiring an inexperienced professional. So, to avoid more mess, you should consult your agent to recommend you some fire damage repair companies in your area. These restoration companies have good connections with architects, designers, and other technicians, who can fix back the things as they were before.

No. 3: Try To Sperate The Undamaged Property

The insurance agent will demand a complete list of things to evaluate the loss. Therefore, with the help of a fire restoration company, you should separate the building portions as well as the things that are not damaged. This process will take time as you have to provide the details such as the purchasing date, brand name, model number and the list go on. If the damaged products are the gifted one, do not forget to mention it to the agent. You are lucky if your receipts are saved.

No. 4: Save The Undamaged Property

The things that are not affected by the fire should be separated and keep them in some safe storage. The agents can help you find a suitable place for storage and some of them all offer to cover the storage cost within the insurance claim.

No. 5: Cooperate With The Insurance Company

When it comes to insurance agents, they are usually honest in their dealings. Typically, the damage adjusters visit the place within 24 to 48 hours of the incidents. Therefore, settle your claim in a timely manner and try to be physically present at the place for all the meetings. Request for the paperwork and do not sit quietly if you are not familiar with any of their written statements.

Be smart to recover the loss.

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