Five Luxury Home Ideas This 2018

Five Luxury Home Ideas This 2018

Let’s face it. Not everyone can afford to have a luxury home and not everyone can afford to buy luxury stuff for their houses that is why most people rely on discounted appliances just to fill the spaces inside their home. But for those who are willing to shed money for luxurious stuff, you’re definitely in for a treat. There are times when people get bored at their houses to the point that they would opt for renovation or redesigning just to have a new vibe. A lot of people now wants to have a luxurious type of home so they could feel like kings and queens.

If you want to know about the six luxury home ideas you could take inspiration from this 2018, see the list below:

  1. The Utopia

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The Utopia is focused on ornate designs and golden accessories. If you want to feel like the King or Queen of Utopia then this luxury home design is for you. The idea is to make everything as glamorous as possible by using the colors gold, copper and yellow. The concept is very traditional yet new and exciting. Focus also on the curtains and chairs!

  1. The Underwater World

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Are you a fan of the sea? Do you want to live in an underwater-like home? The Underwater World is a design that brings out the best of the sea. If you are someone who is obsessed with mermaids and the ocean itself, this should definitely be your peg for your next home. Kids will surely love it too!

  1. The Jungle

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Another adventurous luxury home idea is The Jungle. If you love nature and you want to wake up feeling like you’re in a jungle then you should definitely consider this home idea for your future home redesigning. Some people may think that this is not a luxurious design but the truth is it actually is. You just have to know the limitations so that the designs will not look cluttered. The goal is to make it seem regal and elegant despite the fun side of it.

  1. The Palace

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Have you ever wanted to live in a Palace? There is so much more you can do in this generation and you don’t actually need to buy a palace just so you could fulfill your dream of living like a princess. You can tweak your house and make it look like a palace through the help of professional interior designers!

  1. The Oriental World

(photo source: stories by cromly)

If you are aiming for a more asian vibe then The Oriental World is for you. Make your house look like you’re living in Asia by adding different tones and appliances that are close to what is usually seen in asian houses especially in Japan where it’s really evident.

Author bio: Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a daytime writer for Wincrest Bespoke, one of Sydney’s top home builders that offers a level of luxury like no other through creating luxurious homes that set the standard in home excellence.

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