Facts Pertaining To Disability Benefits

Facts Pertaining To Disability Benefits

It is essential to remain aware about social security disability in order to claim the benefits. It suffices to know that social security disability insurance happens to be a Federal program that provides assistance to individuals with disabilities. Every single working citizen has being paying for the scheme but the program offers assistance to the truly deserving ones by providing them with financial aid once they fulfill the medical criteria. Surprisingly, people who file for obtaining the benefits often face disappointment. This makes it imperative for the concerned individual to brush up on the rules and file again but requesting help from a denied disability lawyer Macon is likely to prove advantageous.

What do you need to prove for getting the benefits?

The “Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)” requires you to reveal that you are disabled totally. This is not the same as having a condition that stops you from following your occupation though. On the contrary, the authorities tend to find out whether your skill set can be utilized effectively for different kind of job.

When can you collect social security?

Do not be in haste after filing for the benefits though. Your claim needs to be approved for you to look forward to obtaining the financial aid. You are likely to wait for a six months at least before you can begin to collect the money.


You do not much say when you opt for SSDI, unfortunately. You will be eligible to receive only a small percentage of the maximum benefits offered by the program. The actual amount will be dependent on your job history along with the work that you had been doing in the last two years. Moreover, you are not going be the deciding factor in how to receive the money once you qualify for the benefit. Also there is absolutely no way of increasing the amount once it has been decided officially.


It would not do to be disheartened and give up trying once your appeal has been turned down. However, filing again and again without knowing why you have been denied the benefits will be of no use. The best way to make amends would be to consider hiring a disability benefits lawyer Macon with years of experience in dealing with similar situations.


It would be wise not to get your hopes up though. Remember, that almost 70% of the individuals filing for SSDI have their claims denied. There is a silver lining evident, however. The denial can be changed to approval by making an appeal. You need to do it immediately in order to save time for the period for making the necessary appeal happens to be exceedingly short. The appeal would be up for a hearing by the “Social Security Administration” judge who would be making his / her judgment in accordance to the Federal code. It is not too difficult to understand the process but you are welcome to take the assistance of a seasoned appeal social security lawyer Macon for ensuring success.

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