Extend The Life Of Your Hardwood Floors Through Proper Cleaning Methods

Extend The Life Of Your Hardwood Floors Through Proper Cleaning Methods

One of the most popular forms of home remodeling recently has been the remodeling process of floors. People have started remodeling their regular tiled or marble floors to make them look and feel better. The most common type of material being used currently is wood. Wood is the most sought-after material when it comes to floor remodeling. It is due to this sudden rise in popularity that professional hardwood flooring companies in Sandy UT have been profiting so much. Though one thing that many eager new homeowners forget is that they also have to take a lot of care of their wooden floors or they can easily need repairs as well.

So why go through the hassle of having to restore or refinish old hardwood floors when you can simply take care of them from the beginning? If you follow these next few steps then you can drastically increase the life of your floors.

• How Long Do Wooden Floors Last?

Wooden Floors can last for a very long time. Wooden floors have been reported to last for decades. There are some examples of hardwood floors that have survived for over 100 years. Wood is an organic material and so that means that it can deteriorate over time due to a multitude of reasons such as water and wear. This can although be easily prevented through regular cleaning. To keep your floor looking good and reduce wear they just need to be properly maintained.

• Using The Correct Brooms

Finding the right kind of broom can also be a challenge for many people. Wood floors will require very soft brooms that can easily clean in the smallest of cracks. Since the wood will have small gaps and crevices where dust can settle, it is important to use a broom that can easily counteract this.

• Cleaning With Water

Cleaning with water can be a very complicated process as previously stated, water can damage the wooden floors. But that only happens if the water has accumulated or been there for a long period of time. Using damp paper towels is the perfect choice for this cleaning method.

• Routine Wood Floor Repairs

As long as you are taking care of your wooden floors then you won’t have to check for repairs as often. Enough though, one thing is important that after a while your floors should be checked by one of the many wood flooring companies in Sandy UT.

Following these methods will ensure that your hardwood floors will last for multiple decades. Ensure that your floors get regular cleaning and that they are checked for any damages on a timely basis.

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