EWCSWire Gives You Variety and Quality

EWCSWire Gives You Variety and Quality

Searching for the right tools for trade-oriented jobs is difficult. Everyone has preferences for the types of tools they take with them to work and how they use them.Welding Cables aren’t any different. There are so many questions to be answered when looking for the right cables for that project you need done next week.

• What gauge are they?
• What materials are they made out of?
• What is the ampacity rating?
• How flexible are these cables?

These are just a few examples of what tradesmen/women have in mind when they search for cables to complete their work.

EWCSWire offers a variety of welding cables for you to choose from at great, affordable prices. There are so many welding cables that they have their own section on our website. Our catalogue of cables can withstand large amounts of electricity. In fact, our 4 gauge welding cable is rated 600 Volts for temporary power. These cables work for many different jobs, such as work on generators, cars, and batteries. We understand the importance of variety. The lower the quantity of cables, the less of a burden it is to keep track of all the tools needed to take on the consuming job that is welding. That’s why we make great cables for great jobs. It’s not just about quality and quantity; it’s about quality and versatility.

Knowing the material in the cables is second to none, so when we make them, we have a high quality cable made for you on our minds. Our cables are made from copper that is produced completely on U.S. grounds. When you purchase one of our welding cables, we give you a product that is built for tasks of different magnitudes and is highly durable. Our 100% copper made cables have an EDPM Rubber Insulation, which makes these extremely flexible. You’ll feel a sense of relief because you know that you don’t need to stretch your cable to the point of stress.

In addition to our standard welding cable, we at EWCSWire also offers selections with both male and female ends. Our 2/0 gauge Premium, for example, comes in lengths from 25 to 100 feet and can be provided with Lenco LC-40 connectors. The connectors are already pre-installed so that you don’t have to worry with reconstructing or installing anything in the first place. Due to the demand of welding, as well as the diversity of the trade itself, we’ve also made sure that these cables have been coated to the point where they are both sun resistant and water resistant. Whether you’re working in the midst of a hot summer day in the field, or you need to get a last minute task done during a rainy morning, these welding cables are a great choice for these jobs.

We understand the importance of organization, especially in a task that’s as time consuming as welding, where a lot of concentration is required. That’s why we at EWCSWire sell our cables in different colors. We understand the responsibility of welding and what it means to use at least more than one during certain situations. That’s why it is very important to color code your cables as you progress through your welding process. We sell cables in a number of colors from black to green to red, making your multitasking that much easier.

Feel free to check out the selection of welding cable and other accessories on our website! If you have any questions or concerns in regards to our products, we can be reached by phone at (800) 262-1598 or by email at sales@ewcswire.com. We promise a timely response and look forward to being in contact with you!

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