Essential aspects to know before creating app preview story

Essential aspects to know before creating app preview story

An app preview is your 30 second chance for convincing your end users to download your app. Which can be the most potent user conversion tool in your app’s arsenal where for some people thought to make an app preview can be more challenging than creating the app itself.

What is an App Preview?

App preview is nothing but a short video which gives you the demonstrated features, functionality and ends user interface of your iOS or Android app development or game on your app store page. It also helps them to determine whether your app is indeed the one they want before committing to an install.

At the basic level, your app preview accomplishes by given following:

· Introducing your app brand.

· Providing an idea to end user of how your user interface works.

· Giving an overview of your app's primary features and values.

How to Tell Your App's Story in an App Preview ?

Telling Your App's Story in an App Preview is depends on how well you understand the value of your app and how you will communicate that through a strong story structure.

Identify your core value propositions

It is the foremost thing that your audience should understand why your app is valuable and unique after watching your app preview. So first we have to make a list of essential features to highlight and value proposition to share. So the primary focus is the quality of the videos as well as a secure platform and easy to use. Were we choose value propositions based on their functionality such as how engaging it is, user inference and how convenient to use, etc. After outlining the value proposition, then we move into for prioritizing things for making it to app preview where to prioritize your message enable you to covey the right story for your prospective users.

Align visuals and value propositions

Take a list of core value propositions and compare them with your app feature to find out the points of alignments because these points of alignment represent some of the strongest stories to focus on in the app preview. Where they will not only demonstrate the user experience, they will also reflect your intended purpose of visually representative of how your user will receive that value. So, communicating the variety and quality of video in the app preview is only a matter of showing clips. However, by sharing different video clips, we leverage our in-app preview to tell the story of how the end user may move through the app and see those videos.

Structure your story

After defining the value propositions and visuals then sequence them in the correct order for making it sense in a proper form. So by having a story in your video, you can ensure that you are getting all the significant components of your app, where it's essential to script it out rather than improvising it. So, for 30 seconds video we recommend you to keep your script under 75 words, and then do give a glance to make sure it adheres to the time limit and comes across naturally.

Overlaying audio

Consider overlying the musical score of your app as the soundtrack of your app preview to establish continuity even when one scene cuts to the next. Where you can also capture the sound effect of your UI in your footage to reinforce functionality in your app. So, if you decide to use a voice-over to enhance your iOS app development preview then consider working with professionals and recording with high-quality audio equipment.

Poster frame

The poster frame is also known as a thumbnail. Where it helps convey the essence of the app. So, if the default frame from your footage doesn’t convey the right message, then you can select a different poster frame.

So for wrapping up, you should have an app preview which meets all the android and apple requirements. Having an app preview is essential so that your mobile app development stands out from the millions of apps on the app store.


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