Engraving a Men’s Bark Ring or Other Wedding Ring Options

Engraving a Men’s Bark Ring or Other Wedding Ring Options

Whether you are engraving a Men's Bark Ring, a platinum band, or other styles of wedding rings, what you etch is intensely personal. It should have value and be something unique to you and your significant other. To help ensure you don’t make any common mistakes, make sure to follow these essential tips for engraving men’s wedding rings.

Never Use Inside Jokes
While it may seem amusing at the time, inside jokes can be more one-sided. You need to remember engraving is forever, and you don’t want to ruin the significance of your ring with something you may not even remember decades later. While you can still be creative, you want to have something your loved one will look at and cherish throughout the years.

Remember There Is a Character Limit
When choosing the engraving you want, it is essential to keep the character limit in mind. Not only are their restrictions on how many characters you can have, but many jewelers will also have additional fees added per character to a specific amount.

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What to Engrave
Engraving is something very personal. What you choose should be something special for you and your significant other and shouldn’t be what someone else tells you to have done. It could be something simple like “always and forever,” your wedding date, or a particular quote you both love.

Plan Ahead
The nature of engraving you want to be done will determine the amount of time required to complete it. Some options can be engraved while you wait, while other options could take a more lengthy process, sometimes as long as a month. To determine how long yours will require, always ask your jeweler.

Understand the Different Costs
While the number of characters often determines the cost, other options will set the exact fees and expenses. Hand engraving, the font used, machine engraving; each one can affect the overall pricing you will be required to pay.

Get It All Done At Once
The best time frame to have your ring engraved is when you have them being made. While you can complete it later on, having everything completed at once will not only make things simpler in the long run, but can also prevent additional fees.

Don’t Make a Rash Decision
Never make a spontaneous decision for what to engrave. Think about it, discuss it, and ensure you love what you choose. After all, this isn’t a short-term decision; it is something you will wear for a lifetime.

Check Your Spelling
Before handing over what you want to say to the engraver, make sure your inscription is correct. Engravers go off the information you give them, so the responsibility of ensuring it is accurate is up to you.

Think About the Metal
The type of metal your ring is made of will determine how easy and affordable the engraving will be. For example, gold is an excellent option for engraving due to the softness of the metal, but, at the same time, it is also more prone to wear.

Read Popular Engraving Ideas
Looking for sentimental and popular options will help provide you with ideas for what you might want to use. Common options include:
• Dreams Do Come True
• I Love You
• Soulmates Forever
• My Heart Belongs to You
• All My Love
• No One But You
• You Have My Heart
• Love of My Life
• All Mine
• Our Love Is Eternal

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