Eli Dangerfield Review: What’s His Course?

Eli Dangerfield Review: What’s His Course?

While on vacation in Australia this year our Instagram feed was exploded by Eli Dangerfield who uses quick vehicles and extravagance lofts to show you how much cash he's making from eCommerce. The greater part of these promotions has a 'DM eCom' in case you're intrigued to find out additional.

So what happens when you really DM him to find out additional? What's more, what do you really get from Eli Dangerfield and his partners? What's he selling and is it worth the cash or is it a trick?

His course is called Six Figure Brand Accelerator, and it professes to be a mentorship on the most proficient method to begin a fruitful eCommerce business.

Anyway deciding by the various surveys out there, it's an instructional class with some powerpoint slides and a bit by bit arrangement manual. You can get comparative data for nothing on Youtube.

Who is Eli Dangerfield?

Eli is a youthful 21-22 business person from Craigburn, Adelaide, South Australia. From freely available reports we can see that he has one business under the care of him called Elmore Lewis Watches, anyway this was just formally enlisted in June 2020, however has been in activity since 2016-2017.

A 2019 screen capture asserts that Elmore Lewis was included in Forbes and The Huffington Post yet I was unable to locate a solitary article affirming this.

A Daily Mail article distributed in February 2020 cases Eli had a multi million dollar domain through eCommerce. Upon additional examination I couldn't locate some other stores he claims so one can just expect this is corresponding to his watch business.

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