Electric Scooter Vs Electric Motorcycle! Learn Why The Scooter Has An Edge!

Electric Scooter Vs Electric Motorcycle! Learn Why The Scooter Has An Edge!

There are many factors to choose an electric scooter or an electric motorcycle over one another. While the former is designed for shorter detours across towns with accessibility, the latter lays a stronger emphasis on fuel efficiency, performance, and longer commutes.

In this article, we try to pit a high-quality electric scooter against an equally competent electric motorcycle and list the pros for the e-scooter, and try to convince you why the latter might be the better option. Some of these benefits are exclusive to foldable e-scooters.

Why The Electric Scooter Has The Edge

  • Lower maintenance costs: Electrical scooters are good value for money. The cost up-front for both e-scooter and e-motorcycles is high, although e-scooters are cheaper and easier to maintain because of lesser parts and a smaller form factor.
  • Ideal for shorter commutes: Despite being electrical, electric motorcycles are still geared towards high speeds and performance like regular motorbikes and longer distances. Electric scooters are designed for slower speeds and shorter distances, which is perfect if you’re looking for an electric vehicle for commuting across the city.
  • Portability: Electrical scooters are much more portable than electric motorbikes, closer to the size and heft of their fuel-injected brethren, as batteries are still relatively heavy. Some foldable E-scooters are designed to be so portable that they can even be fitted in a car’s trunk.
  • No license required: E-scooters running within 30kmph don’t need to pay for any license, road taxes or registration. The same cannot be said for electric motorcycles, which need a license to operate, as they can operate at much higher speeds.
  • Easier to park: The relatively smaller form-factor of a foldable e-scooter makes it easier to find parking spaces. On the other hand, electric motorcycles have no such benefit, as despite being lighter and somewhat smaller, they require the same parking space. Some E-scooters, meanwhile, can be folded and placed in a car trunk or other safe locations. The downside is, of course, that the smaller form factor makes it more susceptible to theft.
  • Cheaper to use: While both e-scooters and motorcycles rely on electrical power to achieve their goal, the former's relatively lower speed and the smaller engine ensure it will charge quicker and will be cheaper as a consequence. This is highly convenient for those whose workplaces are within the same city as their place of residence and who favor cost-effectiveness more than performance per watt.
  • Quicker to charge: As mentioned before, electric motorbikes do not skimp on performance too much relative to their gas counterparts. This means that they can take anywhere from two to ten hours to charge, whereas e-scooters designed for speeds around 30kmph have smaller batteries that can recharge considerably faster.


While both e-scooters(folding and non-folding) and electric motorcycles are equals when it comes to emission rates and overall eco-friendliness, the e-scooter takes the cake for city commuters the points above. For those who remain unconvinced, the non-foldable XGT-X-ONE Smart Scooters have the potential to change your mind.

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