Effective Packaging Solution for Muslims Tradition Gift Giving Box Series

Effective Packaging Solution for Muslims Tradition Gift Giving Box Series

Gifts are the precious items and they have a special place in one’s heart whether it is the receiver or the presenter. They are not judged on their prices, they are judged on their presentations and the love with which they are presented. Every individual wants to present their gifts in a special way which will be remembered by the receiver for a long period of time and leaves a long-lasting impression on their minds. For this purpose, they adopt unique and attractive ways to pack them which enhances their look and appearance to a great extent. In Muslim traditions, there are several different occasions come in a year where gifts are exchanged with the loved ones and dear ones like on Eids, Ramadan, and others. A special type of packaging boxes is used on these occasions to pack the gift items designed according to the association of that occasion.


In Muslim tradition, there are different events come which are celebrated by them in different ways and gifts are exchanged with the loved ones and dear ones on it. These gifts are usually packed in most attractive manners to make them look extremely beautiful and inviting. What makers do to make their look extraordinarily appealing and striking, they print them with the artworks created on the themes of that occasion. Their colors, pictures, and descriptions are all related to it. Most of the manufacturers use cardboard and plastic materials in the making of these packing boxes because they allow them unlimited customization options during their manufacturing process which provide them an opportunity to give them the desired look.

Baskets: -

Muslims are very much fond of sweets and it a tradition in most Muslim communities to give sweets to each other on special occasions like Eid, Ramadan, and others to show their affection and love for each other. Specially prepared sweets in different styles and tastes are presented to each other in attractive and captivating packaging designs. One of the most famous and liked styles is the basket one. Specially designed and styled baskets are prepared by the makers to pack their sweets in them which make them look extremely beautiful and appealing. These baskets are usually made from cardboard material and they are quite durable in nature which can hold these sweets in perfect shape till they reach their destinations. Cardboard material comes with easy customization options which allow the makers to design their baskets in unique and distinctive shapes to increase their beauty. The top of these baskets is usually covered with transparent plastic sheets which add a see-through ability in them. Some manufacturers use colorful plastic sheets which further increases their beauty and attractiveness. On top of that different colorful ribbons are also used to make a flower or any other beautiful design on them to further enhance their appearance.


The cardboard material used to make the basic structure of these baskets is usually printed with greeting descriptions and graphics related to that occasion for which they are manufactured.

Window Boxes: -

The window boxes are becoming a necessary need of today’s modernized world because they provide an updated and fashionable look to the products enclosed in them. These boxes are available in the market in different shapes, styles, and colors and one can choose from them which they think suits best for their goods packing. They are very useful for the packing of cakes, chocolates, and other confectionary items which are generally presented to the loved ones and dear ones by the Muslims on their special occasions and events. They are made from high-quality cardboard sheets which allow them to hold the products in right shape and quality for long period of times. These window boxes provide a luxurious and elegant style to the products going to be enclosed in them because of which they can also be utilized as the gift boxes. The printing of these boxes plays a vital role in making their look more beautiful and effective because of which makers take a special interest in designing their artworks.


It is very important to keep this fact in mind that these artworks should relate to the event on which they are going to be used. As these boxes are generally made from cardboard and plastic materials, they are very easy to print and they provide custom printing options to the makers which allow them to add interactive graphics, pictures, and descriptions in them according to their own choices. Especially designed themes are used to be printed on these windows packaging to give them the appearance according to the occasion.

Foil Boxes: -

Foil boxes are very common in Muslim communities to be used as gift boxes in which gifts are presented to the dear ones on special events such as Eid and New Year. Their main structure is normally made from cardboard material which is very flexible in nature and allows the designers to mold it into different striking and interesting shapes very easily. After shaping its main structure, they are laminated with different foil papers to give them an appealing look. These foil sheets are available in the market in different colors and printed designs and one can choose from them which they think goes best with their product. The silver and gold color foil sheets are most commonly used to be laminated on them because they provide them an elegant and stylish appearance.


These foil boxes are generally used to pack gift items which are going to be presented on special occasions and events.

Jars: -

The jar shape packaging is used to pack items like dates, sweets, and chocolates and they are the best options to be presented as gifts on special occasions like Muslims love to use them on eid days and other Islamic celebrations. They are available in the market in different materials but most makers prefer to use the cardboard and plastic ones. Their printing enhances their beauty to a great extent and makers can print them with artworks made according to their own desires and wishes. They can add complex graphics, interactive imagery, and descriptions written in unusual text fonts to their design to make their look extraordinarily beautiful and appealing. They are also available in steel and glass as well but they are not very much in these days.


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