Education Management - Opportunity for Smoother Education

Education Management - Opportunity for Smoother Education

What Is Educational Management:

The concept about educational management is simple. It is necessary for administering various angles of academic education as well as for the education of learners in schools, colleges or universities. Basically, educational management is a combined effort from teachers, principals, and various education instructors for the betterment of education provided to the learners or students.


It’s a human process; it requires an organised team of responsible individuals with personal skills and theoretical knowledge.

To speak in short, we may provide the definition by G. Terrypage and J.B. Thomas, education management means - “Theory and practice of the organisation and administration of existing educational establishments and systems.”

That is, the principle of Education Management is a united effort of theoretical and practical knowledge applied to the system of educational establishments for its improved functioning. Educational management lays out the foundation for setting up and meeting with right educational objectives and principles. Education administration thus becomes a dynamic side of education.

There are basically two types of Education Management -

  1. Human Resource Management – Human resource is a vital aspect in educational affairs and it is incomplete without personal involvements of teachers, professors, advisors, researchers and even of the non teaching sections like the staffs or the advisory group not to let off the students, parents, even the active community, members of the managing or governing body and departmental officials.

These individuals attempt at right selection of candidates, appointing them to specified fields and providing motivation for reaching towards the educational goals.

  1. Physical and Material Resources – Material resources are also equally vital for a proper educative environment. Basic infrastructure is necessary for the flourishing of individual skills be in any institutional or governmental surroundings. Nice and comfortable living spaces, furniture and other materials as laboratory, auditorium, playground, machinery are all important for educational environments to achieve excellence.

Besides, we need excellent thought structure that would plan and implement curriculum, topics for knowledge. We need excellent teaching techniques for our learners, provide them information with innovative ideas bound by innate personal integrity and compassion.

Fields of Education Management -

Subject of Human Resources is considered as highest priority in the fields of education management besides the essential material resources. Teachers, Professors, Principals, and other non teaching staffs all come under education management system. Individual education management professionals are also present in various governmental departments, private companies, and non-governmental or charitable organisations.

Therefore to lead your career in this field is highly advisable. These management specialists can perform the roles of policy makers, researchers, advisors. They are always busy in devising newer ways in enriching existing education system and modernize education of all levels.

Education for Personal Mnagement -

In India, one can apply for School Administration courses after completing Graduation from a recognized Government or Private University. The field is very suitable for those who aspires and wants to excel as teachers and educators. Often teachers with a diploma in pre and Primary Teacher’s Training or with a certificate or diploma in Education undertake such courses for getting more exposure in various educative conditions. The Education Management and Administration course works well for those who are looking for their own quality per-school or even a management institute. The course of management education often varies slightly among different institutions. In a Graduate level education management program, one can find such courses as follows,

  • Education economics
  • Education legislation
  • Public policy and education
  • Management of educational organizations
  • Evaluation of educational systems

Besides the main courses, management programs also offer these courses which are included to strengthen school leadership and students participation considering various angles of learning:

  • Budget planning,
  • Administrative requirements,
  • Management functions etc.

To conclude, we have to say that today Education Management serves a great role for advancement of education in this nation. Today the country moves towards a better education infrastructure with creation of various schools and colleges across. We need Education Management to function well in regulating and enriching modern education irrespective of any age or class.

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