Easy Options for Ice Machine Rentals

Easy Options for Ice Machine Rentals

Running a commercial kitchen is tough. There are a million things to remember and think about on any given day. When it comes to ice machines, a good idea to think about is renting a machine through GatorChef. Though it may seem counterintuitive to rent an ice machine instead of buying one outright, there are actually many more options available to you when it comes to Ice Machine Rentals. Renting an ice machine through GatorChef in the greater Chicago area couldn’t be easier. They offer immediate installation of any ice machine, so you don’t have to wait or keep your business on hold. You can also take advantage of their impressive maintenance plan, which means that you never have to worry about a rented ice machine breaking down at the wrong time. GatorChef offers emergency ice deliveries, so you’ll never find yourself out of ice on a hot summer day. Whether you need a standalone freezer, 3-door refrigerator, ice shaver or dispenser, a rental could be the right solution for you.

Ice machines can be incredibly pricey and a new business that is just starting out can sometimes not afford to take that hit. Not to mention, ice machines are pretty much essential for any sort of culinary business. Taking a look at one of the more premium options on the market, the Ice-O’Matic self-contained ice machine, which we can see costs a pretty penny. That sort of investment takes a lot of upfront capital, and if it breaks down then you could be out of even more money. With GatorChef’s maintenance plan you can rest easy knowing that you haven’t put down a lot of money up front, and you’ll still have a safety net in case anything goes wrong.

Looking at the Ice-O’Matic we can see why it’s a leading force in culinary ice machines. It has a seventy-four pound ice storage bin, ensuring that you always have plenty of ice on hand. The Ice-O’Matic outputs a half-cube style of ice. It is also Energy Star approved, so it won't put a sizable dent in your electrical bill. The Ice-O’Matic has a maximum output of 238 pounds of ice in a twenty-four hour period and is also air cooled. So, if you are thinking of looking into an ice machine rental, the Ice-O’Matic is a fantastic option for many small businesses.

Another good option is the Scotsman C0530SA-1 Machine Head. This ice machine produces an amazing five-hundred and sixty-two pounds of ice over a twenty-four hour period and is also Energy Star qualified. The Scotsman produces small size half-cubes of ice, perfect for many applications in a commercial kitchen. It only uses eighteen gallons of water to produce one-hundred pounds of ice, meaning that both your electric and water bill will stay low. Ice machine rentals have become an incredibly viable option in today's commercial kitchens, especially for businesses just starting out. The money that you will save on upfront costs along with GatorChef’s maintenance plan can really help out new businesses.

GatorChef has tons of options for ice machine rentals, but, as with all unfamiliar areas of business, you probably have questions that need answering. They welcome all sorts of questions by phone (888-944-2867) or on their website (gatorchef.com/contact-us-a/136.htm). You can also visit their Chicago based showroom to see all of their awesome appliances on display in one convenient location. Get your business off the ground with confidence and security. Let the professionals worry about the specifics of maintenance and delivery while you focus on being the best business that you can be!

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