Early Hair Loss in Men Could Be Caused By Vegan Diet

Early Hair Loss in Men Could Be Caused By Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet:

Majority of the people around the globe are meat consumers. But there are some vegetarians too, they consume a new diet called the Vegan diet. In which, they don’t eat any animal products like chicken, fish, beef or mutton.

A vegan diet is healthy for overall health, digestion and for weight loss. But it’s not the suitable diet for the healthy hair regrowth.

Early Hair Loss in Men Could Be Caused By Vegan Diet:

There’s a bad news for the vegetable lovers, that Early Hair Loss in Men Could Be Caused by Vegan Diet.

Some people start losing their hair but due to the consumption of meat, their body restores lost hair. But if you are a vegetarian then it’s definitely a stop call that the consumption of only vegetables can lead to premature hair loss.

Because vegan diet lacks the necessary nutrients like iron and protein, which are present in animal products. Ditching meat means that you are missing out the vital nutrients for healthy hair regrowth.

Non-Vegetarian Foods:

Non-vegetarian foods like red meat and poultry are the best source of iron, which is very important for healthy hair regrowth.

Without iron in the body, your hemoglobin and ferritin levels may reduce and you have to experience early hair loss.

Major Causes of Early Hair Loss:

There could be numerous factor in causing your early hair loss like genetics, skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, a thyroid disorder but nutritional deficiency is also the main cause.

Iron Deficiency:

Iron deficiency is a cause of hair loss since it’s necessary for hair regrowth. A lot of people don’t use too eat meat and it’s possible that they miss all the essential nutrients which are present in meat.

· Iron Deficiency in Women:

Iron is important for both men and women. Women have to experience menopause so they lose a lot of blood and if there’s a deficiency of iron in their body then they have to suffer from hair loss.

· Iron Deficiency in Men:

Iron and protein are equally important in both, men and women. These nutrients help in their hair regrowth by controlling the testosterone levels in their bodies. Because the high level of testosterone can cause hair loss.

It’s important for both men and women, to fulfill the required level of iron in their body. So that, their bodies will be able to combat the hair loss factors.

They can get some of the essential nutrients by eating green vegetables but can’t fulfill the requirement of hemoglobin and ferritin levels in their body.

Iron Enriched Vegetarian Diet:

  • Spinach
  • Beans
  • Fruits

Acknowledging your Hair Loss:

If you are observing your shed hair on the comb, shower drain or in your hand and your hair is becoming thin, then it’s the early symptoms of your hair loss. Admit your hair loss as soon as possible and get a specialist help in time.

Get Trichologist Advice:

If you are a vegetarian then defiantly your hair loss is due to your Vegan Diet. Consult a trichologist at the hair transplant clinic.

Analysis of your Scalp:

He will examine your scalp, will inform you about the severity of your hair loss and your scalp condition. Then the trichologist will take a blood sample to check the hemoglobin and ferritin levels in your body.

Nutritious Supplements or Improvement of your Hair Loss Diet:

If your iron levels aren’t normal then he may recommend you to improve your hair loss diet by consuming iron enriched foods.

If you are, a vegetarian then the trichologist may recommend you to use nutritious supplements.

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