Dubai budget itinerary- Ultimate travel guide to plan your holiday

Dubai budget itinerary- Ultimate travel guide to plan your holiday

Dubai paints a picture of sophistication and modernity. This also misleads people to think that one needs to splurge a lot of money if visiting Dubai. That is not entirely true. The way you spend your holiday in Dubai depends on the choices you make regarding the experience you want to enjoy in Dubai. That being said, it does not mean that you miss major attractions and experiences that Dubai is famous for. For someone with a tight budget, Dubai has ample opportunities that make a holiday reasonably valued and worth the experience. If you are looking for a budget-friendly getaway during these uncertain times, Dubai is a destination you ought to check out. With a few simple tweaks, you can enjoy a memorable time in Dubai without your wallet bearing the burden.

One doesn’t need a lot to experience a relaxing leisure holiday. Take a leaf out of backpackers and solo wanderer’s book and you will understand that all you need to spend on is experiences rather than a luxury for a blissful holiday. Some smart decisions while you are booking accommodation, transfers and other services will help with cut costs that you can utilize on experiences you want to enjoy in Dubai. Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning a budget Dubai itinerary:

  • Estimate your holiday budget. This of course is the first step to determine how much you can spend on your Dubai holiday. Concentrate on the basics, i.e. accommodation, food and transport in Dubai where you can adjust your budget to get the best value services at reasonable costs.
  • Book your flight ticket in advance. Keep a lookout for when the prices are low for the period you want to travel and book your tickets so that you can avail of better rates and slashed prices on flight tickets.
  • Solo travelers search for accommodations that are reliable and leisurely comfortable. For them, an overnight stay at a dorm room or hostel is an adventure experience. However, those traveling with family and friends can look for budget and B&B hotels in Dubai. The city is teeming with a wide variety of accommodation options that you will find one that fits perfectly in your holiday budget. Just stay clear of luxury hotels that Dubai is hyped and famous for. If you really want to experience a luxury Dubai hotel stay, then you will have to plan your holiday on just the stay and surroundings of the hotel and you will miss out on other Dubai tourist attractions. Hostels in Dubai costs anywhere around 150 to 200 AED per person per night. A budget hotel with basic facilities starts from 250 AED per person per night and the price ascends as the quality, service and facilities of the hotel increase.
  • Use simple travel hacks such as opting for walking tours and traveling on public transports rather than private taxis. Choose the hotel stays near to metro stations to avoid unnecessary transport costs. You can also use coupons from various food delivery sites to avail discounts on your meals at various restaurants.
  • If you are traveling with family, concentrate on attractions that will be a delight to everyone in your family. You should also include at least one theme park attraction such as Legoland Dubai or Ski Dubai in your itinerary if you are traveling with kids.
  • Travel insurance is an absolute must. It is better if you do not compromise on safety and skip travel insurance. Opt for a good deal with a good insurance company for travel insurance which can help you during unforeseen emergencies during your holiday in Dubai.
  • On a budget holiday, go easy on shopping and food. Dubai can sweep you away with its shopping and food scene. Stay strong about your budget and look for restaurants that offer value for money dining experiences and shops where you can get some really good items at bargained prices. Dubai Souks are a great spot to go budget shopping if you know the art of haggling with traders. Regarding food, Dubai has many popular food chains and outlets that offer good food at reasonable prices. Check out places like Operation Falafel, Debonairs in Dubai Mall, and Al Usted for a hearty meal on a budget.
  • Do not break the law. Dubai is known for its strict laws and exorbitant penalties. Before traveling to Dubai, it is best to understand Dubai’s laws and list of things that are found offensive in the city, particularly those that can get you jail time or heavy fines. Some of these rules may feel absurd and different from your point of view. But understand that ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’. Dubai is conservative and deeply cultured yet lenient than other Middle Eastern cities. However, not following the rules can unnecessarily end up burning a huge hole in your wallet.

A basic example to consider and workaround for your next Dubai budget family holiday would be spending a day exploring the city’s main highlights and Dubai tourist places.

  • Start the tour with city sightseeings: A hop-on hop-off tour of Dubai is an ideal and value for money way to discover the city.
  • On the second day, explore the Old Dubai: The old Dubai area, Dubai Museum and Souks on the second day of your holiday is a great way to get an insight into Dubai’s past and culture. Also, most attractions are free of charge or meagerly charged. Crossing the creek on a traditional abra on Dubai Creek lightens your pocket by AED 1 per person only.
  • On the last day of your tour, experience adventure time: Next day, enjoy a day at the Arabian Desert on a Dubai Desert Safari or head to one of the themed attractions like Dubai Miracle Garden, Bollywood Parks Dubai, and Global Village. Wind your holiday with a scrumptious meal and illuminated scenic city views on a Dubai Dhow Cruise with Dinner tour.

These are just a few thoughts and ideas on how to explore this sensational emirate on a reasonable budget. Dubai is a city where every idea is possible and a Dubai holiday on a budget is also possible. All one needs to do is spend time on a little research and craft the holiday plan based on the best value choices that best adapt to your budget and you are sorted. The bottom line does not let the notion that Dubai is expensive to visit dampen your mood to visit this wonderful city in the UAE.

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