Do You Need to Fix Your Roof Here Are 9 Signs Which Tell You That You Need to Call in a Roof Specialist

Do You Need to Fix Your Roof Here Are 9 Signs Which Tell You That You Need to Call in a Roof Specialist

No one likes to know that they need to replace their roofs. It is not only a huge burden but also a huge nuisance that causes the repair can take a week or so, and dust and debris are flying everywhere for you to live in that mess. Not to mention the noise. But if you do proper maintenance, then you do not need to have a complete roof replacement. So always look out for signs that tell you that you need roof repair, and once you notice them, never ignore them.

  1. Did you have a very windy day, or was there a storm lately? It is advised to check up on your roof after every storm. Also, ensure that none of the shingles is broken or missing. Also, check more missing granules. If there are a few cracked shingles or missing shingles, you can get your roof repaired easily by calling in a professional. You will not have to spend too much to get your roof repaired, but if you ignore this, in the future, you may need to have a complete roof replacement.
  2. Check your drains or gutters. Do you notice broken shingle pieces or granules in your drains lately? If yes, you need to check your roof as soon as possible. This is especially common for Asphalt roofs. Although asphalt roofs may look really pretty and suit houses of all types, they do not last forever. They tend to deteriorate over the years. As soon as you notice pieces of your roof cluttered in your gutters, you know you need a roof repair.
  3. Also, check the interiors. Sometimes your roof may look beautiful on the top, but there might be problems in your attic that may become worse if not detected early.
  4. One of the best ways to check if you need a roof repair is to check your attic room, during the day with the light off. If you see sunlight streaming in, you need a roof repair specialist to fix your roof.
  5. Sometimes due to water damage, some parts of your roof may sag. If you happen to notice sagging roofs, call in a repair specialist.
  6. Does your roof look discolor somehow? Or have you noticed some darkened spots? This is caused due to the growth of algae. If you ignore this issue, it will escalate to the point where your roof will be beyond repair, and you will need to replace your roof.
  7. Moisture can do some real damage to the roofs. The growth of mold or mildew will not only be detrimental to your health but also to the house's structure. Always check for water stains, mold, wet spots, or water leaks in your house, especially in the attic. In most cases, homeowners do not notice a leak until much later.
  8. Moisture can also cause the exterior paint to come off, which will drastically reduce the aesthetic value of your house. Peeling exterior paint is also a sign that your roof may need repair.
  9. Have you been scratching your head trying to find out the reason behind the increased energy bills? Well, the increased energy bills can also be a sign that your roof needs repair because a damaged roof can let the cool air or warm air out, which in turn makes your heater or air conditioner work harder, thus consuming extra energy.


Check your roofs every two weeks both inside and outside to look for any damage. This will help you find problems and fix them quickly before it gets worse. Always remember that repairs are relatively cheaper than having a complete replacement. Make sure to contact a professional like Mighty Dog Roofing Charlotte.

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