Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Business?

Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Business?

Sometimes people complain of having 10 messages without order...PLEASE go and learn English ...that's a simple truth.

Remember the importance of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and all those other goodies that create a professional appearance.
Your clients may not be grammar nerds, but they know a poorly written ad copy when they see it.
And like it or not, Fiverr is a marketplace created predominantly for English-speaking clients, so the odds are stacked against non-native speakers.

Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and effective use of words is vital to your success as a freelancer.

A professional writer won't make these grammatical blunders

  • How much do you want to pay?
  • Use of "am" instead of "I am or I'm."
  • For this, I will charge...
  • When did you need it?

As a freelancer, you should know when to use words like "has, have, do, did, will, would, could, etc.

You can't go ahead making such blunders and expect a client to HIRE you.

If you can't convince a buyer with your communication skill, you can't deliver quality.


Communication is essential. Even if you get hundreds of message from buyers daily, but you don't know how to convert them to orders - that's a problem.

Your English must be fluent and convincing. Chat like a professional.

I can't talk much on this. To get new, repeat clients and good reviews, you've to be the best in what you do.

Communication is an essential factor here. Understand the needs of a client and provide the specific service promised and if there's a need for more clarification, send a message: Under-Promise and over-deliver.

The truth is, if you want to make millions from writing or any niche, you must learn and perfect that skill at least for a start.
Forget the your niche; if your work is excellent, a buyer will surely come back.

Do you know the stress in looking for a new and reliable freelancer? Buyers also don't like jumping up and down. They really wish to get one great freelancer and collaborate with him/her.

Be that freelancer!

So you must earn your tenses and use of words perfectly. If your job is good, buyers will definitely come back.

Stop the use of "hello dear" unprofessional.
I see a lot of people using: dear" for buyers.
For heaven's sake, Fiverr is not a dating site. It's a formal business platform.
Hello dear....what?

In your Buyer's Request template, it's better you use,

Dear Hiring Manager. They even prefer you writing their username.

  1. Don't ever ever ever beg a buyer
  2. Don't you ever beg a buyer.

if you beg they'll know you aren't a professional and they will price you as they seem.

The best word you can use is;
*Kindly place your order if $50 is good for you...if not, then get another writer...we can't compromise our quality. Thanks*

Always an emphasis on your quality. Do shakara (know your worth )for them. so they will not think without their order you won't eat.

  • Always hit the nail on that quality.

Or something like;

  • $50 is a fair price to get the job done professionally. We can't comprise quality to fit in your cheap budget

They will stick to your price. Let them know you can't bend your quality to do shabby work. If they can't pay, they should look for a cheaper seller that could give them some shabby work.

Sometimes people complain of having 10 messages without order... Please go and learn English ...that's a simple truth.

  • Your communication is very poor.

Do you think it's easy for buyers to find great sellers? That's why if they find any, they stick like glue.
Some will contact you and say they've worked with over 10 writers but didn't get a good result.

I've said before ranking doesn't guarantee sales rather communication does.

A buyer may give you a 5star review but wasn't satisfied.

  • So work on your communication

Over 80% of the feedback I have received as a freelancer talked about my communication skills.


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