Difficulties In Learning English

Difficulties In Learning English

Learning a second language is not a simple task but it is not difficult either. English as a second language can be learned and improved easily.

But, there are some problems which create a huge impact on the learning process.

English Learning Environment

Often, learners do not get the appropriate learning environment. Here, the environment doesn’t mean the availability of the advanced infrastructure or the location. How a learner deals with people outside the class matters a lot. In the classroom, the students will be under the supervision of the English language trainer but when they are outside they are not. There will be no one to correct if there is any mistake.

Not Finding The Right Learning Material

Generally, those who do not even have a basic understanding of the English face problems with finding the right learning material. Of course, there are plenty of resources available online to learn and improve English but not all these can be appropriate for the learners.

Not Learning Seriously

In a classroom, a student may try to learn and improve English but often, the seriousness gets faded as days pass by. Loss of interest in learning and improving lead to no good results. Students should be serious to learn and improve English otherwise no English language learning course can help students learn and gain mastery over the language.

Over-use Of One’s Own Language

Over-use of one’s own, local language is one of the major reasons why students do not manage to learn quickly.

Even in an English-learning class, students can be seen talking to one another in their own local language. Although the thumb rule says that the leaners shall speak in English yet they do not as they feel not much more confident about themselves.

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