Different types of Assam tribes and their jewellery styles

Different types of Assam tribes and their jewellery styles

Assam is one of the seven sister states of India with abundant natural resources and diverse cultures. The people of Assam are touched by the beauty of mother nature which is evident in the Assam traditional dress and jewellery.

Axomia Gohona (Assam traditional jewellery) is influenced by Nature, musical instruments, flora, fauna and every aspect of their daily life.

The Assamese jewellery is made of silver, copper, brass and ivory by skillful craftsmen from rural villages. Some exclusive jewellery also includes colorful enameling of red, green and black.

Some of the most popular Assam jewellery are:

Loka Paro

This Assam traditional jewellery comes in a pendant set which incorporates two identical pigeons (“paro” means pigeon in Assamese) placed back to back. They are found in gold, rubies or natural enamel coating.

Jon- Biri

In the Assamese, “Jon” means the moon and hence the jewellery is in a moon shape. The design of Jonbiri is inspired by nature, household goods and musical instruments. Jonbiri has got an antique charm and can be easily teamed with a saree, salwar suit and even fusion outfits.


Dholbiri is designed in a dhol shape (traditional musical instrument) and is essentially worn by Assamese brides on their wedding day. This Assam jewellery is handmade with a silver frame that is covered with gold foils.

It is low maintenance and affordable jewellery set.


A handcrafted Assam traditional jewellery made of Gold-plated silver, Doogdoogi slightly shaped in the form of a heart and is present in a variety of colours.


This set is designed in various flowers shapes and colours. This Assam jewellery is made of gold and studded with stonework done by hand. If you prefer wearing a choker neckpiece then this jewellery set is recommended for you.


This gold quoted silver jewellery set is crafted by skilled Assamese artisans. It has different tribal patterns and is suitable for both traditional and modern wear.


Pepa is an Assam traditional jewellery inspired by the folk musical instrument hornpipe that is used in traditional Assam music. If you like edgy looking ornaments then you must try this set.

Gam kharu

Gam Kharu is broad gold-plated bangles with detailed inscriptions. They were traditionally worn by men but have now become popular among women. This armlet can give an antique touch to your outfit.


It is an ancient form of Assam jewellery worn by old ladies. Shaped in a uniquely designed flower, it is studded with gemstones. The most fascinating part of these earrings is that they have a wide bottom, unlike our usual earrings.


This traditional jewellery of Assam is called Kerumoni because of the hollow space in the center – called “keru” and is attached to decorative pearls called “moni”. You can add this to your jewellery collection if you want an authentic tribal ornament.

These eye-catching jewellery pieces are exquisite and ever-green. Ditch the usual modern jewellery designs and opt for enticing traditional jewellery of Assam to feel the enchantments of nature.

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