Control Your Dumb Photo Chaos With a Smart Photo Manager

Control Your Dumb Photo Chaos With a Smart Photo Manager

With the proliferation of smartphones, more and more people take and share photos online and in their personal life. While photos once were a relatively costly endeavor in order to take and maintain, thanks to the time and specialized skill it took to develop photos, nowadays, with the help of digital tools and technology, practically everyone considers themselves to be a photographer.

This increase in photo taking brings an increase in need for photo management. However, that being said, most digital platforms for photos make it challenging to find your photos at a moment’s notice, especially when it comes to a couple or family searching for a photo on the go.

Take, for example, a newlywed couple and their newborn child. Newborns are ideal subjects for photoshoots, but it can be difficult to track down where exactly your most recent favorite photo is stored. Especially when it comes to children, photos may be on multiple devices across both parents and two sets of grandparents. At the same time, photos may be posted and shared in a variety of places.

Maybe the photo you’re looking for was sent to you in an email or text, or is shared on an online social media site like Facebook. Perhaps the photo is on your smartphone, or your partner’s smartphone, or even a DSLR camera. Regardless of where the photo is stored, it can be a major time and pain ro sink to spend time searching through multiple devices just to show a cute photo of your ‘kid’ over lunch or coffee. This is where technology, like a smart photo managing software comes in handy. Meet your newest best personal assistant: ibi the smart photo manager.

When you have a smart photo manager, everything about your photo storage changes. This is because an ibi device automatically stores all of your photos in the same place. Regardless of whether you’re storing a photo on the cloud or on your phone or on social media, ibi allows you to access your photos from one centralized device.

This makes it easy to create a repository for all of your favorite photos and videos, helping you access them from whichever device is within arm’s reach. With two terabytes of storage available, the ibi is capable of holding over half a million photos or over 200 hours of video footage. This wealth of storage enables you to take and save photo after photo without having to think twice about deleting any of your favorites just to make space for the next moment.

Beyond storing your photos simply and effectively, a smart photo manager such as ibi also allows you to organize and share your photos with the people that matter most to you. Say, for example, that you have a folder of photos of your child. While it’s logical that you’d want to save all of the photos of your kid in one location, there are probably some photos that you want to keep private. Sometimes that may mean that they’re only shared between you and your spouse, while other times immediate family will also be granted permission to see and access these photos. Whatever the conditions, a device like ibi makes it simple to manage permissions and preferences for all of your photos. Plus, with private feeds with your closest inner circle, it’s possible for others to share and add photos of their own to any particular photo stream.

While other cloud-based solutions like Google Drive or Dropbox may seem to be a good solution for sharing photos, there are plenty of drawbacks that should give you pause about adopting these technologies as your photo storage solution. Many times, recurring fees make these options quite pricey, especially when you consider the amount of space that a high-quality photo can take when stored in the cloud. Beyond pricing considerations, using more mainstream platforms often means trying to adapt document-based sharing solutions for the workplace for family use. Ultimately, it makes much more sense to choose a storage solution that prioritizes photo and video first, like ibi.

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