Complete guideline of Kathmandu Nepal for Tourist

Complete guideline of Kathmandu Nepal for Tourist

Make the most of your vacation at Kathmandu City, Nepal, one of the best tourist destinations that attracts increasing foreigners every year. Nepal is famous and suitable for the tourists that love both adventure and relaxation. The picturesque locations backed by mighty Himalayas make the place best for resting. Let’s get some nepal travel advice here. kathmandu tourism information


Kathmandu which has international airport is the only place in Nepal to have airport. It is the capital of Nepal, and one of the top 25 cities of the Traveller’s Choice. People from around the world love to visit Kathmandu because of its fascination. Being a mountainous country, Nepal has a lot of Mountains blessed by the sky and filled with lush green meadows. The notable hill stations of Nepal are Nagarkot, Kakani, Shivapuri, Dhulikhel and Kakani. Here you go with Kathmandu tourism information to guide about places, cuisines and common guidelines.

Sites to visit in Kathmandu City

Wide range of places and interesting things of Kathmandu would be surprising for the first-time visitors. The places, cuisines, and the lifestyle here in Kathmandu is indeed amazing which tourists enjoy in different ways. Let’s check some of the must-visit places in Kathmandu.

Royal Palaces

Durbar Kshetra, Kathmandu Durbar Square and Basantpur are major royal palaces here.Kshetra is surrounded by excellent architecture that stuns the tourists. The monuments are great and special here but devastated after the earthquake. Durbar Square is the place where Kingdoms born, Kings crowned and ruled over the entire country.

Durbar Square

It is a group of 3 squares linked each other in which Basantapur area, the former elephant stables are found in the south of the square. The temples and monuments can be found in the west side which were the sitting the spots of the people once. The North East of Durbar Square shows the giant statue of Kaalbhairab.


Called also as Monkey Temple, Swyambhunath is considered as one of the eldest monuments in the valley. The view from the hilltop will be scenic and mesmerizing. People who could not walk all the way using the available 365 steps, can take an alternate road in the south side. Enjoy visiting the Buddha park to feel the pleasant and tranquil atmosphere.


One of the most famous religious places in Hinduism is Pashupatinath. Situated in the banks of Bagmati River, it is also an oldest temple in Nepal, was destroyed by the Mughal Invaders but later rebuilt in the 19th century. Non-Hindu peoples can only view the temple from Bagmati River but are allowed inside after 5pm to see the special kind of worship.


It is widely famous sacred place and an incredible place in Nepal. It attracts national and international tourists soon after enlisted in World Heritage list by UNESCO. You can see the Buddhist Mantras and Chakras/Wheels surrounding the massive stupa.

Prominent Heritage Walk

The heritage walk in the central part of Kathmandu will give you a profound perspective of the city. Thamel is place with luxurious hotels, vintage shops, restaurants and shops and a better place to stay to enjoy the heritage walk.

Explore some scrumptious cuisines

The culinary magic of Kathmandu included in nepal travel guideline are:

10 Things To Do In Kathmandu Nepal

Tukche Thakali Kitchen

The famous Daal Bhat Tarkari would be of great taste and an authentic Nepalese dish you can savour. Get ready to get blown away by the taste. Lazimpat and Thamel also serves the best Thakali in the town.

Himalayan Java

This wonderful café is right next to vintage shops of Durbar Square. Do not miss the Nepali Coffee served since 1999 AD, won the hearts of millions. After your heritage walk, get this coffee for a therapeutic feel. If you want to fill your tummy, do visit, Grasshopper, Upstairs, Suryamoon Bistro and Secrets Lounge.

Luxurious Lazimpat

It is a famous place to find most luxurious hotel and you can find best restaurants here to get surprising taste. Enjoy the live music as you taste the delicious delicacies. Votoo, Antique Bar, Trisara and Irish Pub are some of the best restaurants here.

Touristy Thamel

Being a very touristy place in the town, it comes as no surprise to know that there are varieties of restaurants serving varieties of cuisines.

What to and not to do?

You would have to carry a mask to avoid the pollution. Pay more attention when you cross the road or book a cab as the traffic rules are strict here. Do not expect high-speed internet. Electric city blackouts are usual here so choose a hotel that has 24 hours power provision and keep a torchlight with you. Do not worry about safety or theft issues, as Nepal is one of the safest destinations to travel. Use comfortable hiking boots and quality backpack.


You can find various locations in and around Kathmandu to rest in the lap of the nature and also to enjoy thrilling adventures. Sort out Nepal tour package with GetUr Holidays and choose a suitable package to enjoy a wholesome tour with your loved ones.

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