Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

WordPress is one of the most popular and versatile platforms for your business site. However to get the most out of your WordPress site you must hire the right WordPress developer with hands on experience in working on many successful projects. While embarking on a WordPress site development mission, you must avoid the common mistakes most site owners and developers do. Here are few important WordPress mistakes to ponder on.

Investing more than what you need
While getting started with a self-hosted WordPress blog, you will need only a domain and web hosting. Nevertheless, beware of those lot of domain registrars who upsell their below quality services. Many small business owners are confused when they are allured by private registration, 5 years registration, branded emails and SSL. On a closer analysis, these aspects are never going to benefit you as much as you think they do. Also do not pay upfront for 5 years. You can always renew it with renewal bonuses.

Not creating WordPress backup
Creating a WordPress backup will save you from the disaster of losing your crucial information. The best advice you can get in this regard is to create automatic WordPress backups. The common experiences of many Wordpress site owners is pitiable when they failed to backup, the new WP database had an error, they had to run SQL query without backups only to find that the site was hacked and they lost all information. Hence knowing the importance of backups, you can benefit from three platforms we can mention here including BackupBuddy, VaultPress and BackWPup.

Overlooking WordPress updates
At times we are all afraid of updates and during sometimes we just forget to update our sites. This only means that we fall short of maintaining our sites well. Any compromises with the updates will lead to security vulnerability issues and the site can be hacked. Most times, updating from one version to the next one just takes a few clicks. Though your site will work well when you make use of proper codes for themes and plugins, it is necessary that you have backups.

Having too many categories
It is very easy to create categories on WordPress. This is the reason why most people are being carried away to create categories for every post. Most people go this route and realize the mistake much later to add a proper structure to the site.

Failing to setup permalinks
For a very long time, site builders were only using default URL structures. This is not the right approach from the point of view of SEO. While installing WordPress, ensure you update the permalinks.

Neglecting SEO settings
WordPress provides an option of preventing the search bots from indexing the site. While developing the site, many people check this. If they forget to uncheck this after the site development, the site can never get indexed. In some cases, the sites get de-indexed when the developers redesign the themes. Also, you must update your Meta settings in a proactive manner alongside installing a WordPress plugin.

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