College Scholarships for Muslim Students in USA

College Scholarships for Muslim Students in USA

Scholarship for Muslim Students is an available courtesy to Kennedy-Lugar youth and study (YES) program. This program has been funded by Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). As per clauses of this program, full grant for one year would be extended to high school students from the Muslim population. More importantly, one of the essences of Kennedy-Lugar youth and study program is to help built cordial relationship between United States of America and Muslim countries. In a way, there is intended and implied reciprocity associated with this program, which is Muslim youth can benefit from scholarships and get chance to enjoy culture and ethical, moral standard of US. In turn, youth can introduce a culture of their own countries in the United States.

Mutually sharing of culture happens to be the most effective way to remove cultural misunderstandings. Those who are given scholarship for one complete year would be asked to live with a family of the host country.

Scholarship winners will have an opportunity to enjoy US culture, and they would attain high school for one year. They furthermore, will have an opportunity to engage themselves in healthy activities. Activities, wherein they will get chance to learn about American dream and values of freedom and liberty. Such an opportunity would enhance their cross-cultural understanding and skills of leadership as well.

Many numbers of Muslim countries have been termed to be eligible for scholarship programs. Few of the names of those countries are following.

Bahrain, and Herzovegina, Bulgeria, Tanzania, Turkey, Tunisia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, Cameroon, West Bank, Thailand, Kenya, Kuwait, Kosovo, Indonesia, Liberia, Macedonia, Mali, Mozambique, etc.

Similarly, there are criteria which have to be fulfilled by applicants from eligible countries. Following points must be kept in mind to those who desire to win YES scholarship.

· Should be a citizen of the eligible countries to apply for Yes scholarship program

· Minimum age should be 15 years old and should be older than 17 years at the time of entering USA (August 1st, 2017)

· Should be able to clear all the tests conducted by YES scholars in their home countries.

· Should have nonetheless excellent record of academic activities

· Should not be a citizen of USA and have not born in the USA.

· Should have good communication skills to represent their home countries in the United States.

· Should have interest and a great will to promote their culture and values in the United States of America.

This is an amazing opportunity for students who want to learn about a foreign culture and improve their careers ahead. Host families have commitments to treat students as their part of families, while expenses would be borne out by US government. More importantly, he/she will have an opportunity to enlighten Americans about his/her native culture through presentations, which would be done in different schools and colleges.

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