Cleaning Companies keeping Offices Germfree in Upcoming Cold Season

Cleaning Companies keeping Offices Germfree in Upcoming Cold Season

Although the cold season in Oklahoma City is not so severe as compared to the harsh summer season; but still the cold weather ranges from mild to moderate. This cold weather can bring many health concerns which can be severe when there is outdoor exposure. But many of the lesser health problems in the offices can be reduced by hiring Office Cleaning Companies.

The Three Hot-Spots for Germs

Each and every office in commercial space has specific spots that have the highest count of germs. You will be astonished to find out that the germs can be found on the most common of all places and things. When employees and other staff members are exposed to these items the number of days they go sick increases. The commercial cleaning companies must focus on these three germ spots.

Doorknobs and Handles

All rooms in the office building have doorknobs and handles. For employees to go in they have to turn the knob and door handles to go into the room. Many staff members don’t bother to clean their hands after going to the toilet or eating food and use the handles. This makes these things dirty and full of germs.

Buttons of different Equipment

The coffee maker, dispenser, microwave, keyboard and telephone have buttons that are in constant use. You will never know whether the person who touched these buttons washed their hands or not. When other people touch them; germs are transferred and this a major source of spreading diseases. The cleaning staff should target these various buttons.

Photocopy, scanner and printer machines

These three things are the most important machines in an office. No office management is complete without a printer, scanner and photocopying machine. All of the departments have some kind of work related to these three. Hundreds of fingers press the functions of these machines and transfer the germs from one person to the other.

Office Cleaning CompaniesKeeping Offices Germfree

During the cold weather various health concerns that can damage the well-being of employees. The staff of an office can face health problems like an asthma attack, get a virus, catching a cold, dryness of the skin and seasonal allergies. The commercial cleaners have to work efficiently to make the whole office germfree in the upcoming cold season.

Thorough cleaning of workspace

The individual work of each staff member can be a serious mess. Every individual workspace consists of a desktop computer or laptop, mouse, waste bin, papers, pencil holder and other personal items. The cleaning companies like Jan Pro OKC make it their foremost duty to extensively clean each and every desk to have less contact with germs.

Cleaning of the Air vents

The main area or place where dust gathers the most is the air vents. This is the ventilation system that dust gathers as the air from the outside gets filtered and delivers fresh and healthy air to the whole office. But pollen and mold from the air collect on the vents so the commercial cleaners must thoroughly clean these vents on a weekly basis.

Using Robots to do the tasks

In very large industrial spaces various kinds of dust and other hazardous materials can gather which becomes difficult for the employees of the cleaning companies to clean. For this job robots are used as sometimes working with water can be the cause of cold season diseases for the staff members. There are automatic and also remote-controlled robots that can do the job perfectly.

Always sanitize everything

Sanitization or disinfection of things is very important as only cleaning is not the only aim; keeping the office purified of the germs and diseases should also be a part o the job. When all of the things, furniture and appliances are cleaned; a clean towel is soaked in disinfect liquid and all of the offices are wiped with it.

Take care of the Dampness and Molds

The dampness and mold on the walls and vents are the major cause of seasonal allergies. If one of the employees is suffering from allergies then both these allergens can worsen the condition. There are many products available that can reduce the effects of molds and dampness. But the constant check is vital as these things can return.

The Kitchen utensils must be disinfected

There are many utensils in the kitchen like mugs, coffee machine, microwave, kitchen counter, cutlery and plates that have to be disinfected as they are the cause of illnesses and diseases. Weekly cleaning is really important because it ensures that the kitchen in the office is a germfree zone.

Cleaning of the Heating System

Don’t confuse the ventilation system with the heating one; as they are very different things. There are small ducts that are installed all around the office; from which heat air is distributed. Each and every of the duct must be opened and cleaned so that clean air reaches every corner.

Make sure the windows are dusted

Sunlight is a very good source to eliminate diseases so have the Office Cleaning Companies clean the windows. One advantage of this is that the clients can open the windows and let fresh air and sunshine enter the office premises whenever the weather permits.

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