Choosing a Career for Life

Choosing a Career for Life

In a world driven by the urge to succeed in every profession, the driving force to excel is unique for every individual. Young people make the right choices to ensure they get the right jobs and career openings once they are through with their education. There are several professional openings available in the modern market today. In this paper prepared by case brief writers, we will analyze two of the many appealing, professional careers that students can choose to pursue after school. These careers are: being an apparel merchandiser and working as a veterinary officer. While both career paths are attractive, apparel merchandising is more inviting as its financial perks, relative ease of training make it a better career path when compared to being a veterinary officer. The aim of this paper, therefore, is to analyze the main reasons as to why one should choose to be an apparel merchandiser over being a veterinary specialist.

It is crucial to understand the activities involved in the two career openings of apparel merchandising and veterinary officer.

Apparel merchandising is the professional art of presenting different designs of textile and clothing to the final consumer. It involves the designing and development , marketing, and the selling of the designs that an apparel merchandiser chooses to deal with (Regan 58). To be an effective apparel merchandiser, one has to understand the cultural, economic, and scientific claims often associated with the different apparel designs. In this regard, it is important for one to seek the professional and educational advice that clearly underlines any form of success in the market of apparel merchandising. There are strategies that one has to learn often associated with the art of presenting the different designs of apparel to their respective markets.

Veterinary officers, on the other hand, are professionals trained to take care of the welfare of animals. The human being is bestowed with the responsibility of ensuring a healthy domesticated animal kingdom free from all forms of diseases and infections. Upon attaining certain levels of professional education, vets receive permits to handle different issues related to the health and general welfare of animals. With the world moving to pet keeping, the demand for vets has never been so high. Also, animal rights activists have become popular in their quest for a fair and just environment for animals.This alone influences the demand to ensure all animals, domestic and wild, get proper care from individuals and authorities charged with that responsibility of providing care. This enhances the promise of success for individuals seeking to be veterinary officers everywhere in the world. In this regard, individuals seeking attractive career paths can consider giving veterinary service training a shot given the bounties that the market promises.

Apparel merchandising is a more rewarding career path when compared to being a vet. First, as the world’s population grows to be more fashion oriented, the more the demand for apparel and textile is growing. Therefore,since clothing is a basic need for human beings, it effectively translates to an increase of success for Apparel Merchandisers. The main motivating factor in pursuing a career in the field of apparel merchandising is due to the emerging fashion designs. This triggers the customer anxiety to try new inventions in the market. Additianally, analyzing the facts from global apparel modeling trends and statistics , can understand that apparel merchandising is a big venture. On the other hand, vets rely on their personal action to curve out their living. With the emergence of better scientific methods to deal with the challenges that traditionally disturbed animal health, the careers of veterinary officers is on the line.

Apparel merchandising is more appealing over a veterinary service due to the complexity of training involved. The training involved in preparation to be an apparel merchandiser is not complex when compared to the training that veterinary specialists undergo. Apparel merchandising is more of an arts discipline unlike veterinary training which is science-oriented. Vets have to crack complex biological terms that define the different conditions that animals suffer from when exposed to varied environments. Vets have to complete complex calculations regarding the population of animals and their respective habitats and their food-chain patterns. On the other hand, Apparel Merchandiser training involves, mostly, the fashion trends that learners experience on a daily basis, which makes learning fun and entertaining. Simillarly, there is a wide time gap in the training of Apparel Merchandisers and vets. While apparel merchandising training takes a shorter duration to complete, veterinary training takes long durations. Additionally, to build a reputation in the market, one must have worked for some years to gain the required experience.

Finally, the choice that a person makes in terms of career progression is dependent on many inherent factors.One has to consider his interest,talent and ability to excel in the profession.While the advantages and disadvantages of both professions exist,it remains a personal decisuion in regard to the choice of one’s career path .The truth is people some people can choose to live without animals as opposed to clothing.This why Apparel merchandising career will be on demand given the nature of the services they deliver to the final consumers. In addition, regardless of the economic circumstances globally, people have to dress up properly. In conclusion, although being an apparel merchandiser is preferred in this paper, it is important anyone seeking advice regarding these two careers ought to consider their levels of enthusiasm to guarantee a rewarding career experience and a comfortable professional lifestyle.

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