Channels to Generate Leads for Real Estate Via Digital Marketing

Channels to Generate Leads for Real Estate Via Digital Marketing

So, You are doing Digital Marketing for Real Estate? If you are not doing it, you are missing out on a huge market to make your Money as a Marketer and provide amazing results for your clients. Understand this, Realtors and Real Estate Developers have Money to spend. They can get leads very easily (ONLY IF YOU DO THINGS RIGHT :)). Digital Marketing for Real Estate has grown over years and many marketers are now generating leads via Digital Marketing very effectively. We at our digital marketing agency in Bangalore have started working with Real Estate companies to help them generate leads online. LET'S GET STARTED!-

1) Please Start with AdWords and optimize campaigns well-

This is important. Please understand. (NO ONE TELLS YOU TO FOCUS ON IT), we all go to Google to search for properties and even search for the specific regions in which we want to live. If we think from that, Your Presence is very important in front of those people. Choose the best keywords for your clients, create a good landing page, ad copy, setup re-marketing correctly and try to do a proper CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization) of your campaigns and landing page(Make sure your quality score stays above 7 for every keyword. For a more detailed guide on Real Estate Digital Marketing, you can know more here.

2) Don't forget the channel with the highest ROI- SEO

SEO remains the number 1 when it comes to ROI. It has been proved that this technology has the highest ROI for Marketers and companies because it is FREE. If done right, it can do wonders for Real Estate and can bring in qualified leads and generate more sales for companies. ( I personally purchased a flat through SEO from a Real Estate Developer :)). We at our Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, focus on both SEO and PPC for companies in order to boost their efforts.

3) Social Media is important(VERY IMPORTANT, I MUST SAY)-

Social Media was not a major source for Real Estate Leads before 2015. As soon as Facebook(Instagram Too) and LinkedIn started innovating their Marketing channels, the marketers and real estate developers got a huge relief from Google. Today, Facebook has the highest ROI after SEO. That's because Facebook is still under-priced. With more push towards Videos, Facebook algorithms now encourage more videos than image ads(VIDEO ADS COST LESS TOO :)). Start your Social Media Journey today. To learn more about how to sell in detail, you can read go here.

4) How can we Forget to include YOUTUBE-

YouTube and Video Marketing has been top in the trends list of 2018 and has become a BOOM for Marketers and Real Estate Developers to engage their audience via Video and engaging content. YouTube is now the second biggest Search Engine in the world with more than billion hours of content watched every day. We at our Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore are now focusing more on Video Content for each of our clients. To know more about how you can sell Real Estate Via Videos, click here.

These are the Channels to Generate Leads for Real Estate Via Digital Marketing(2018!), hope you liked it :)

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