CBSE Affiliated schools in South Kolkata

CBSE Affiliated schools in South Kolkata

CBSE education system is one of the eminent and vastly recognized boards of schooling in India. Choosing the best CBSE schools in south Kolkata might be complicated as there are lots of options out there. Hence, here’s a list of some of the best CBSE board schools in South Kolkata:

  1. Bodhi Bhawans Collegiate School: Bodhi Bhavans Collegiate School has risen to fame as one of the popular CBSE school in south Kolkata. Their vision is to enhance and preserve the highest standards of excellence and prepare students for their future endeavours. They cultivate proper moral and academic education to help every child build a strong character, which benefits them and the entire society. The young minds are nurtured with equal emphasis on academics and extracurricular activities. They acknowledge that children are unique in terms of their abilities, and try to provide all the facilities that lead to their overall development.

  2. Indus Valley World School: Indus Valley World School (IVWS) is one of the best CBSE board schools in South Kolkata. It is engaged in the virtue of shaping young minds in their journey of discovery. Apart from developing students’ academic, spiritual, physical and social faculties, these young minds are also guided to grow up in a culturally diverse environment that broadens their horizons at an early age. The institution’s approach is distinctly holistic and integrates world-class education that focuses on academic excellence, spiritual and physical fitness and social as well as environmental consciousness.

  3. South Point High School: South Point High School is Kolkata’s first coeducational school which is renowned for building a strong foundation of knowledge for its students. The school made Guinness World Record as the largest educational institute in the world in 1984 till 1992. It also ranked fourth in the list of India's most respected schools by the Education World – IMRB International Survey 2007. The overall education and facilities provided by this CBSE board institution in South Kolkata impart the best base to make each and every student's future bright and beautiful.

  4. Lake Point Convent School: Lake Point is one of the best co-educational, CBSE based academic institution situated in South Kolkata. The school provides quality education to children of all faiths and takes immense pride imparting it to the less fortunate as well. There put an effort to maintain a judicious balance between academics and co-curricular activities so as to facilitate the holistic development of the students. The school provides opportunities that promote social, emotional, cultural, mental and physical growth; propelling its students to become all-rounded individuals.

  5. Narayana School: Narayana is the finest residential, CBSE affiliated school in South Kolkata as imparting holistic education is its hallmark. Learner-centred education is the intrinsic goal of Narayana and it has committed itself to enrich the way education is imparted. This commitment and passion strengthen Narayana’s vision to empower students to make them future global leaders. With a unique blend of excellent faculty, meticulous study material prepared by experts and exemplary teaching methodology, the education system of Narayana is matchless in delivering amazing and unprecedented results.

Kolkata is the principal educational centre of East India. It is home to some of the finest schools in India, nurturing the bright minds on their path to a successful profession in their chosen field.

Kolkata is the cultural and educational capital of not only West Bengal but also entire East India. Being the third most popular metropolitan city of India, it attracts a large number of students from all over the country and abroad towards its progressive education institutes. Kolkata boasts of some of the best schools in the country and has maintained its top position in terms of imparting quality education.

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