Cannabis for the Treatment of Epilepsy – A Myth or Reality?

Cannabis for the Treatment of Epilepsy – A Myth or Reality?

Medicinal cannabis has become a very commonly used alternative therapy for a number of medical issues and ailments. As a complement to many drug therapies, cannabis has proven to be very effective for things like pain, inflammation, tremors and seizures. Epilepsy is a condition that presents itself as recurring seizures. The severity of these seizures can vary from patient to patient. These seizures are often caused by short-circuits in the brain’s normal functions. These electrical storms occur in as many as 1 in every 26 Americans. As many as two-thirds of patients with epilepsy won’t find out what the specific problem is that is causing their symptoms. There are a number of prescription medications that can be used to control these epileptic seizures. These are strong medications that cross the blood-brain barrier. They can have unwanted side effects, which is why many people are now looking for natural therapies to treat their condition.

Cannabis and CBD Epilepsy Research

CBD is a chemical constituent of cannabis. We have an endogenous cannabinoid system that is already part of our bodies. When we supplement this system, the body can reap a number of benefits. A high-quality, potent CBD oil is a safe treatment option for treating and preventing seizures because it doesn’t have any psychoactivity. Patients won’t experience any kind of ‘high’ while taking the product. There are patients who have cases of epilepsy that are very resistant to drug therapy. That doesn’t mean that CBD won’t be beneficial. Some of these patients turn to cannabis that is rich in CBD as another option. The THC content may be necessary for some people.

There is a problem with the fact that epilepsy comes in many different forms. It is hard to determine what potency of CBD oil should be used in each situation. The best option is to start slow, with a low dose. Patients can work their way up from there, based on the reaction that they had to the CBD product they chose. Some people find that a low dose does not prevent seizures, but it helps keep them less severe. Some patients feel that the CBD dose they are taking is eliminating some of their seizures completely. There has been some extensive research done on this topic. However, it is necessary that this research will continue. This will help prove that CBD and cannabis can be effective in treating many different conditions.

CBD and Cannabis Testing and Research

Medical cannabis is a very intriguing topic for many people. The so-called success stories are inspiring people to inquire about CBD and medical cannabis. The potential for improvement thanks to this treatment option is promising. However, the DEA is holding back research that could take CBD and cannabis to the next level. Currently, only academic institutions can conduct research on this topic. This research looks at the side effects of using CBD, the effects of these products and the use of cannabis. There are laws and regulations that are holding researchers back a bit. There are still states that are holding their ground regarding the use and possession of CBD and cannabis. The FDA is not currently regulating any of these products. Clinical trials would prove to be very effective in determining the actual benefits of CBD and cannabis when treating epilepsy. This could even result in more products that contain CBD as well as a certain THC content.
You may not realize that there isn’t any other drug which is consumed by such a large portion of the population, without actually having the approval from clinical trials. There are some studies that are in the works. They should be providing a lot more solid information regarding the use of high-potency CBD for epileptic seizures. Many of these studies lack information on the use of these products with children, regardless of the fact that many people are using cannabis and CBD for children with seizure disorders. Many supporters of CBD and medical marijuana are confident that this information is on its way, and we will soon be able to answer, ' Is CBD treatment for epilepsy ' effective?

A seizure disorder such as epilepsy can be a devastating disruption to a person’s life. Seizures can be very difficult to treat, even when you know they are part of a specific condition. Epilepsy and cannabis have been in the public’s eye for a bit of time now. Many patients have turned towards cannabis and CBD oil for epilepsy. Families struggling to cope with epilepsy have found that cannabis has a component that is allowing CBD oil for seizures to be an effective option. Be sure to do your research prior to choosing a CBD product. There are a number of different options on the market. You want to make sure that you are picking the best CBD oil for epilepsy.

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