Buying Helmets on A Budget: 5 Tips for Thrifty Bikers

Buying Helmets on A Budget: 5 Tips for Thrifty Bikers

Riding a motorcycle without helmet is a risk that you should never take! Always make sure that you are using the best quality branded motorcycle helmet with the latest safety certification. But if you are not too convinced that you need to purchase a good quality helmet, and you don't want to waste a lot of money on it, here are 5 splendid tips from thrifty bikers on how you can purchase the best quality helmet on a budget.

  1. Invest in only what you need

Don't invest in anything that you are not going to use. It's quite easy to be swept away by the bevy of features that are available in the market today. The best helmet manufacturers in India are coming up with the latest in safety and comfort technology which can be quite confusing and truthfully overwhelming for somebody who has no idea on what makes for the best helmet, and even more importantly what they actually need. Instead of spending a lot of time, and money on something that you are not actually going to use, You should focus on only the features and things that you actually need. Are you going to use the Bluetooth connectivity features in a premium helmet? Perhaps not come if that is the case, don't spend money on a helmet that has the advanced feature of receiving phone calls directly on the helmet, but if you need it, go for it! The same goes for dual visor, antifogging visors another additional premium features which are definitely advantages and help you right safer, but perhaps you don't need them at this moment., only go with the features that you are going to use.

  1. Start with a budget

How much money are you planning to spend on the helmet? Will this be your primary helmet? Unless you set a fixed budget to purchase the helmet, you will be confused in checking out all the different options in the market. Affixing a budget gives you the constraint of looking for features actually useful to you , and that will help you evaluate only those helmets that are within your budget. As a general rule of thumb, premium helmets in India cost somewhere around rupees ₹3000 to ₹6000 depending on the features you up for. So, decide on a budget accordingly.

  1. Think helmets as a life-long investment

Branded motorcycle helmets are a lifetime investment! Once you purchase it, it is going to serve you for at least a period of 5 to 6 years, or even longer if you maintain it properly. So, don't cut corners on the helmet and go with the latest safety features that will not only keep you safe, but also comfortable whether you are making long distance trips, or commuting to work or school every day.

  1. Check all available buying options

Premium motorcycle helmets are available online as well as at all motorcycle accessory shops. You can get different deals at different places depending on the margin they have., make sure to check all the e-Commerce platforms as well as your nearby shops and stores to get the best deal for your money.

  1. Go for upgradable modular designs

The last thing you want to purchase a helmet and then having to upgrade in a couple of years! That way you are going to spend a lot of money every 2 to 3 years if the helmet design starts to become non relevant for your writing style explanation mark so come always check the modular helmet designs that are available with upgradable parts such as services, straps, and removable inner lining and padding so that you can replace them with new ones if they become damaged or dirty.

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