Buying Guide for Heaters in 2020

Buying Guide for Heaters in 2020

As the winter season started, people are looking for different heating options to warm their homes. Due to Covid-19 fear, many are avoiding going outside and staying mostly at home. Even working from home has become a norm. So, it is essential to have the best heating solution considering Size, efficiency, budget to bring warmth and comfort to your home.

There are various types of heating devices with different characteristic. For the convenience of our reader, we are listing some common heating option to choose from:

Central Heating Radiators

Central Heating Radiators also known as panel radiators are the most common solution for home and office alike. As the name suggests, they heat up the whole household. Their Beautiful design, High performance makes them popular choice. Various types and different sizes to accommodate any small to large sized space is their added advantage.

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic Heating technology is fast and efficient as Ceramic Heaters are quicker to warm-up and no very hot to touch. In ceramic heating system, the fan system forces the air to go through its ceramic heating component and spread the air across the room to warm the room rapidly. Few types of Ceramic Heaters also consist of timer and cooling system to cool the air during summer time.

Column Heaters or Oil Filled Heaters

Column Heaters also known as oil-filled Heaters/Radiators are a common form of portable heaters for domestic usage. Column Heaters uses electricity to heat the oil contained within the fins (also known as columns) for generating warmth in the room. Column Heaters generally does not warm up as quickly as electric fan heaters, but they are best to keep the room warm and cozy for hours.

Convector Heaters

Convector Heater also known as convection heater, works by air conversion current by passing the air through the body of the appliance, and across its heating element. By this process, air is heated up which causes the air density to reduce relative to cooler air. The heated air replaces the cooler air in the atmosphere, sending cooler air module towards the heating appliance which repeats the process to heat up the cooler air resulting in heating up the room completely.

Fan Heaters

Fan Heater also called a blow heater operates by using a fan to pass air over a heating element (like nichrome, resistance foil, etc.). The Heater warms up the room by passing the air over the heating source, which makes the air hot and pushed out of the heater into the room.

Infrared Heating Panel

In conventional Heating Systems, convection current to heat the room by warming the air in it. Whereas in Infrared Heating, the Infrared Heating Panel releases the radiation which heats the object they make contact with, leaving them warmed. The heat infrared panel provides is dry, clean and safe, which make them better for health.

Panel Heaters

Panel Heaters works by starting to pass the cool air across the heater. The warm air released from the heater rises and pushes the cooler air downwards towards the heater. This forms a convection heating cycle which makes the room warmer. The drawback is, when the heater is turned off, the air starts to cool.

Towel Radiators

A Heating towel rails radiator or a heated towel rail when first appear in 80s, it was considered as luxury, but gradually it becomes common and found in many households. Towel Radiators can dry and heat your wet towel as well as warm up the bathroom or any small area, can also serve as secondary heating option for your room, which makes them very handy.

There are numerous ways and products to heat the area, but due to lengthiness of this article, we are summing it up here. Checkout for the best heaters for home to warm up this season.

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