Branding and Promotion Strategies for Your New Business

Branding and Promotion Strategies for Your New Business

The biggest challenge of starting a new business lies in the fact that spreading the word out has exponential growth. While this is an amazing thing later on, early in the campaign, it may seem like you’re not making that much impact. Fortunately, with the right ideas on your side and a well-crafted campaign, you can easily enhance this initial impact and give your brand a head start. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several outstanding brand promotion strategies for your new business.

A single contact is not enough

The thing about the customer lifecycle is that in order to become a paying customer, a person of interest needs to undergo several stages. First, they learn of your brand (the brand recognition stage). This is when they can recognize the logo and the name of your business. Then, you head into the brand awareness stage, which is where people know a bit more about your enterprise. After this, they usually become first-time customers. In other words, in order to achieve all of this, you need to repeatedly interact with potential customers. This is the so-called rule of seven.

It’s not over after the purchase

While in some industries (retail of one-purchase items), a single purchase is considered an end goal, the truth is that this is where your story begins. In the majority of industries, about 40 per cent of all profit is generated by just 8 per cent of regular customers. This is why keeping customers and making them come back over and over again is the best course of action when it comes to improving your business. Why is this crucial for branding and promotion? Well, first of all, regulars tend to become brand ambassadors. Second, they are crucial for the creation of your user community.

Combine traditional and digital

Even though a lot of people are increasing their investments in digital marketing, the important thing is that you shouldn’t neglect old-school marketing either. Printed materials like flyers and brochures do the exact same thing as infographics, the biggest difference being in the fact that they can reach the audience that infographics can’t. Moreover, approaching your target audience from several fronts is far more effective. Methods like high-resolution mesh banners can help increase brand awareness on-spot. This is particularly useful for construction companies and other in-field enterprises.

Have a decent online presence

Just because we’ve stressed out the importance of old-school marketing in today’s world, this doesn’t make digital marketing into anything less of a priority. So, start by making a great website and ensuring that it gets ranked as good as possible (with the use of SEO methods). Next, register on all vital social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are a must. However, you also want to have your own YouTube channel, possibly even a profile on Snapchat/TikTok. Other than this, depending on your industry, even a Pinterest profile might be a good idea.

In conclusion

Even with all your ingenuity, research and big-picture plans, it will still take a while for you to reach your marketing goals. Just remember to arm yourself with patience and do not expect success to come quickly or overnight. As we’ve already mentioned, it takes a while for a person to builds a relationship with your brand. Even when they do make a contact, it’s up to you to determine what this relationship will be like. All in all, branding and promotion strategies for your new business need to stay in touch with your long-term objectives. This is the only way for you to achieve success in the long run.

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