Why a Mobile app Needs a Website?

Mobile app Needs a Website?

As the leading web development company in India, we have been asked this question many times why an app needs a website. What’s the need of the website when you have a strong app ready to be released? In simple terms, the answer to this question is with the website, you have a space that is completely controlled by you and is not bounded by any restriction such as limited characters, etc. Here in this post, we have discussed the three reasons so as to why a mobile app needs a website:

A solid medium to inform in prior to the official launch of the app

A web page before the official launch of the application is considered ideal. This is manifested in order to build more awareness and momentum before the official release of the mobile application. What if there is not even a single download of your mobile app on the launch day? That’s definitely not the response you are expecting. A website before the launch of the mobile application will be more like a taster of the forte of your app. With a few screenshots of the mobile app and an option to subscribe to the waiting list, this website can be used as the platform to tell about the app progress. Thereafter it can be used to send the friendly reminder of downloading the app. You can use it for informing about the app updates as well.

Provide easy channels to contact the users

Many apps have a support element built into their app that allows the users to interact or to reach out in case of any query or to give suggestions and feedback. But what if the users have some queries prior to the release of the app or before they download it? Shouldn’t there be any medium that can be used by the users to reach out in case of queries? Well, the website serves as that medium only. The websites have so many options like web forms, live chat options or information about the email addresses and other channels to communicate. Users can easily reach out through the website. If the mobile apps fail to provide users with visible means of channels or mediums to contact, it will badly affect the rapport of the app.

Is not bounded by any limitations

Another reason that your mobile app needs a web page is that of the restrictions or limitations you are bounded with on app stores. There are standards guidelines for the number of screenshots and videos you are allowed to display on the app store. To top of it, there are limitations over their size, quality and on the content as well. But there are no such limitations when it comes to web pages. You are free to publish high-quality content as much you want.

The description of the app which forms the core part to inform users and to persuade them to download your app is bounded by a limited number of characters on the app store. You can’t exceed the limit while writing down your description of the app features to let your users understand the functioning of the app and it’s a utility. But there is no such restriction when it comes to web pages as it can be used to give a more in-depth description of app features.

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