What Are The Top Trends In Android App Development?

With the change in time, there is a lot of advancement seen in the mobile operating system. This progressive aspect has brought higher functional opportunities and surpassed communicative value. With the growth in app enlargement ecosystem, new and unique trends emerge on each season. A status of fulfillment and promise is gained by all the leading platforms by continuously going with and accustomed to most modern roles and resources over time.

Newer features, performance, and capabilities are usually brought up by Google Android. As a result, you are given better chances with custom android app development. Hence, which is the latest trend of 2018. How much big it will be prepared by Android this year. Let us check out the top trends in android app development that are going to turn into the climax of the film.

Mobile App Development

Instant Apps

During the launching of an app, its development team always has an idea regarding all the aspects related to the app. There are several goals put forward by the team such as user benefits, the rise in rating on the app store, traffic generation, revenue etc. The team might possibly wish to get a larger audience for the app. At such circumstances, Android Instant app can aid the team by offering them the entirely new technique to reach new users. If you are one of those teams, then your app can be brought about the reach and discovered from any location.

Emoji and Sticker

Every day, nearly 6 billion emojis and stickers are sent across the world. Hence, one can say that the implementation of emojis and stickers are very trendy. In the world of mobile technology, many times smileys replace text words. It actually comprises fun and excitement along with quickness. Due to so much demand of emojis and stickers, there is an augmentation of numerous apps with emoji collection and increase of custom keyboards. At present, there are around 250 branded emojis keyboard in the marketplace and this branded emojis and stickers sent in messaging among friends is the crucial word of mouth publicity.

Cloud-driven mobile apps

One of the biggest hit that is pretty cool and serene is cloud support. The feature which aids the user to access the apps on several devices devoid of any data loss is remarkable. Beside this, there are multiple other advantages offered by cloud technology to the mobile app developers. Even the product memory issue can be sorted out. All these aspects imply that cloud technology will carry on its growth and expansion in the upcoming years too.

 IoT mobile apps augmentation

According to the buzz and rumors spread in the tech world, there will be more than 30 billion connected devices in the upcoming years. This indicates that IoT mobile apps will rise along with smart systems at each and every corner of the world. From smart appliances and homes to smart monitoring systems, everything will change. Not only the cities but the towns and villages will also become smart. And for all these connected facets, there will be a need for mobile apps for controlling and strengthening them.

AR and VR

An improved and enhanced version of actuality made with the aid of tech such that any digital information can be affixed on an image of something is what augmented reality (AR) is all about. Even smartphones and tablets have usage of AR. In short, with the help of AR, you can find lots of things which are unknown and do a great discovery. In order to spark the environment with magnificent effects the technology which is utilized is none other than virtual reality (VR). Virtual reality comprises of artificial elements which are created to raise special effects just like actuality. With the help of virtual reality apps, you can discover many places where you never went or thought of.

Wearable apps

One of the popular examples of this trend is a digital smartwatch. Buzz from the tech world reveal that wearable apps will grow on a huge banner in the nearby future. All that damaged technology devices catalog is taken and connected either in a straightforward manner or by means of smartphones and this whole technology is termed as wearable technology. There are certain apps which drive these processes and supply to the devices. The apps are further termed as wearable apps. Even sensors and receiver-like hardware can be developed with the aid of wearable apps. Although wearable apps seem to be the same as regular apps, still, they differ in certain aspects.

Artificial Intelligence

Plenty of exciting features are encouraged in mobile apps by means of Artificial Intelligence. User experience, behavioral targeting etc are some of the features which have taken the artificial intelligence one level ahead. Even mobile apps have usage of chatbots which are AI-powered tools that is an inspiration to the human conversation. With the aid of artificial intelligence, many small or big tasks at home, offices etc can be accomplished. Perhaps, the future will show more fascinating features with respect to artificial intelligence.


Nowadays, security in apps is being shattered by volatility, threats, cyber attacks and online hacks etc. The developing technical ins and outs and increasing consumption needs lead to risky security norms. According to the survey done recently, it came out that more than half of the total apps do not match up to the security norms. However, Android has always taken steps to measure the security means and it is expected that it will raise the security bar and take it to further level in the upcoming years.

Google has taken many steps to make things perform well and execute them, thus, making the task of developers and experts easier.

From tablets, wearable devices to smart devices and smartphones, there is rapid app development for all. With the constant growth of Android applications, new and fascinating trends are bursting out smartly. Hence, the trends are tracked and shared by us.

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