5 Tips to Convert Website Traffic into Mobile App Download

If you want a mobile application for your website, consulting a web development company in India will be a great idea. But that will be of no use if people are not downloading it. There could be multiple reasons behind that. One of the reasons could be unawareness among people that your website has a mobile application as well.

Having a mobile application is good for most websites. People also prefer to use a mobile application than going to the actual website.

Given below are 5 tips that can convert website traffic into mobile app downloads.

  • Perfect App Landing Page

Many of your website users may have no idea about your mobile app. If you have launched your app recently, you should create a separate landing page for your mobile application. You can also show a pop-up when someone comes to your website. With a landing page, you can also run ads to target your potential audience.

  • Clear Call–To–Action Messages

The link to your mobile application should be visible. The font, font color, background, and images must be very clear so that it is easier to focus on downloading button. Make sure the button is big and bright enough to gain attention. Placing the badge of an online app store like Google Play Store and App Store can also help.

  • Include “Send Me The App” Integrations

One of the most effective strategies to increase app downloads is sending SMS and Emails. Just know about your target audience and send them messages/emails for downloading your application. Write a good copy with balanced graphics that can provide a professional look. Tell your audience how the application can save their time. Make sure the message/email contains the download link of the application.

  • Use Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are shown to people who have shown interest in some product or services earlier. These people could be your website visitors, people who searched for you on the internet, or the people who checked your app but didn’t download it.

  • Review your app’s performance

Regularly check how people are responding to your application. Read people’s comments on your application. Read what people love about your app, what are the issues they are facing, how many people are using your app, and how many are downloading it. Make sure you remove the bug from your application as soon as you find it.

Provide points are amazing and can be helpful in increasing the download rate of a mobile application. Make sure your mobile application is good enough to attract people. Consulting a company that provides web development services in India can be helpful.

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