Web Development Platforms In 2020

Web Development Platforms In 2020

Website development platforms can help a lot, an individual or small business or beginners, without hiring expensive website developers. No doubt every business needs a website to grow in this fast, clogged and competitive technology-driven market. There are experienced web development outsourcing companies to help you.

To remain on top of the market or other competitors, your business must have a website that is far easier to access. The crucial home page with minimal navigation and optimum index of products and services. On your website describes the characters of your customers comprehensively.

To develop and maintain such a website you need one of the best experts. There are many well-known web development companies in India. You can obtain help from any of the service providers.

Now a question occurs, which web development platform you should choose among various great platforms that suits you most. Here we recommend some helpful and not much expensive platforms with the best performance.


WordPress has the biggest stake of all websites over the world that are devised by WordPress. There are two types of WordPress, WordPress.org, and WordPress.com. WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform.

This is the most popular, has amazing features and the easiest to use. This is free and open-source that provides you maximum commands and controls over the website in comparison with other free website builders. It is able to build all types of websites.

WordPress has many pre-built themes to help you design your website. To create page layouts it provides drag and drop, page builders. There is a kind of unlimited WordPress plugins, that adds more features and functionalities.


Gator is the largest hosting provider. This is a perfect combination of website building and hosting solutions. It provides more than 200 design templates and each design can be customized and modified. It has many features to beautify your website. Gator is not free but it secures your data and does not pop up advertisements.


Shopify is popular for its design for eCommerce websites. It possesses more than one million active clients. There is a feature named Shopify Payments for payment solutions. It also accepts third-party payments as well. Under one roof you can avail of inventory management, numerous products, useful statistics, and marketing solutions.


Basically this is a beautifully crafted page builder. Using it you can edit your website without coding skills. Weebly serves pre-built features for photo galleries, contact forms, sliders, etc.


It is a cloud-based website builder. It has integrated applications that you can install on your website. It provides free of cost limited bandwidth and storage.


Django is written in Python and it is used by top industries. It is easy to learn and writes codes faster. The capacity to change size or scale is its core feature. It is an adaptive framework and provides unbroken security.


Laravel uses the Blade template engine and reuses the codes accordingly once they are created.

Having any of these web development platforms will help you in making an attractive website and they provide easy maintenance at a low cost.

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