Web Designers Should Use These Chrome Tools To Make Working Easy

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Google chrome is a cross-platform web browser that is developed by Google. It is a fast, free and secure web browser that builts for the modern web. It is the most popular browser mobile and desktop devices. Chrome tools save efforts and time for web designers. Today we’re looking at some amazing chrome tools for web designers. These tools are carefully picking out to fulfill different aspects of daily working life. Let’s have a look at some amazing chrome tools that a web designer should use for better performance.

What is the greatest way to find out fonts used on a webpage? What font for the chrome browser is easy to use and simple way to find out fonts used on a webpage. With this, you could inspect web fonts by just hovering on them. It is as simple as an elegant tool. It is a free developer tool published by chengyinliu.com. Also, it is included in essential extensions for bloggers and top pick developer tools. It displays additional details like weight, color, size, and style of the fond. It enables web users to identify fonts used on any web page easily.


This website is available for both free and premium users. This tool suggests you correct sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. This free browser tool makes your work relatively easy. You don’t need to deal with copy-pasting your content every single time you write it. It saves a lot of time switching between websites. It also gives you a brief explanation for each error it finds in the content. It does not help you in checking real-time grammatical mistakes and also makes you a better writer over time. This tool also gives you the option to switch between British English and American English.

what font

It is a dark mode for every website. It takes care of your eyes through its dark theme for daily and night browsing. You can adjust contrast, brightness, dark mode, sepia filter, ignore-list, and font settings. The best thing is that it doesn’t send the user’s data anywhere and doesn’t show ads. It is an open-source tool that enables night mode creating dark themes for your websites. It inverts bright colors by making them high contrast. It is a cool tool for chrome and firefox, as it helps you to save your battery life.

Page analytics

It is an amazing chrome tool that enables you to see your traffic for an individual page from your blog or website, while you are browsing. It displays unique page views, page views, bounce rates, etc. it is a must-have tool for every web designer. Page analytics is a kind of shortcut to google analytics.


It is an award-winning password manager, gives you secure access and saves your password. It simplifies everything that you do online by logging into your sites, remembering your passwords, creating strong passwords and many other security tasks. You just need to remember one master password with LastPass and then leave the rest of the things on it. Automatically it saves, encrypt and backup all your security passwords. It syncs your data no matter which computer, mobile or browser you are using. It is a free and secure chrome tool, even its premium version is also available.

Colorpick eyedropper

It is a simple tool that allows you to pick any color values from your site. It is a color-picker and eye-dropper chrome tool. It is open-source which allows you to pick color according to you. It gives you a color-code on your website. It is very convenient for those who have no more time for color picking. You can easily get a specific color match by using color pick eyedropper. It detects the exact value of any color that you point in a browser.


It is a tremendous new tab chrome tool that delivers amazing design inspirations tech related news and many more. It offers you all the design inspirations that you need. It is a simple and beautiful app that bringings you the freshest design. It will replace your default tab and will become your homepage on your screen. The resources have a certain quality that makes it unique among all tools.


It is a simple tool that allows you to control web-players. It doesn’t send or receive data of anything nor does it use any cookies. A chrome tool that brings the simplicity of google inbox to Gmail. It is designed by previous designers of google inbox. Simplify gets rid of all distractions that google has. If you love simplicity then it is a great tool for you. It simply slaps new designers over Gmail for the web.

CSS peeper

It allows you to extract CSS elements of any inspect styles and webpage. Get access to the useful styles with this CSS peeper. It is a CSS viewer tailored for designers. CSS peeper also allows you to inspect styles in a well-organized, simple and adorable way. It is a visual and advanced version of the developer tool of chrome. It is also a must-have tool for designers.

UX check

It is a chrome tool that helps you identify usability issues by a heuristic evaluation. It makes heuristic evaluation easy and quick. It allows you to download and annotate the particular UI element. You can also create a custom heuristic run and list an evaluation.

Site palette

It is an amazing chrome tool that empowers nontechnical people to create, maintain and monitor your website. It is a free chrome developer tool that generates palettes based on a webpage color. It is a great app for web designers, they should use it to design their websites.


It tests the website for various types of color vision deficiency. Color vision deficiency is a serious issue these days. Did you know, Approximately 200 million people have CVD worldwide? So, it’s important to consider this issue of color vision deficiency while you develop your site.

These are the best chrome tools that a web designer should use. So, which chrome tool you like most?

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