8 Major Types Of Marketing That Exists in The World

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Marketing is one of the key factors for the success of a brand. Brands consult a web design company in India to create amazing content which they can promote using different types of marketing. It is necessary to know which type of marketing is necessary

Given below are 8 major types of marketing that exist in the world.

  • Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to brand promotion using any method that was in existence before the Internet. Because there was a time when the information was not easily accessible and readily available. The major sources of traditional marketing outbound were print media, television ads, and billboards.


  • Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing refers to mass promotions using print ads, TV ads, cold calling, and email blasts. This type of marketing is called “outbound” as the brand is pushing its message out to all consumers to spread awareness whether they need it or not.


  • Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about attracting customers rather than interrupting them. Most of the inbound marketing strategies fall under digital marketing as consumers are empowered to do research online.


  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the opposite of traditional marketing. In this, the Internet is used to promote products and services followed by strategies and research. With Digital Marketing, it is very easy to reach a targeted audience and increase brand awareness. In Digital Marketing, resources like search engines, social media, email, and other websites are used to connect with customers.


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  • Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, or SEM, includes all activities so that the products and services of a business are visible on search engine results pages (SERPs). When a user searches for something using a keyword, SEM allows your brand to appear on the. The two types of SEM include search engine optimization (SEO) for organic search results and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for paid ones that might bring fast results.


  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is a common factor in inbound and digital marketing because it is content that allows audiences and search engines, to get the information they are looking for. Content Marketing involves creating, publishing, and distributing content for the target audience. The content we create in content marketing is used to publish on social media platforms, blogs, and infographics.


  • Social Media Marketing

In Social media marketing, Content is created to promote a brand and its products and services on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is important to think of the audience while creating content for them. People do not open social accounts to purchase something but enjoy and get some knowledge. Make sure that content is useful and interactive.


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  • Email Marketing

E-mail marketing involves sending educational or entertaining content in the form of an e-mail to promote products and services among potential buyers. The primary goal of an e-mail is to build a customer base that knows about your brand and the services it provides.


Provided types of marketing are the major ways through which a brand promotes its products and services. To know which type of marketing is best for your business, consult a web design company in India.

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