Top 6 Pinterest Categories to Pin to

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Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms to get amazing engagement which can help in brand awareness as well. Brands always consult a web development company in India to see the latest trends of Pinterest. There are some categories in Pinterest which get more engagement than other categories.


Given below are 6 Pinterest categories that can help you to get amazing engagement for your brand:


  1. Travel

Pinterest has 8 million monthly users who search for the post associated with traveling. Whether you are an agent or blogger, you’ll likely attract an honest deal of brand name awareness by posting envy-inducing images of faraway destinations on the location.


  1. Health and wellness

Pinterest may be a viable opportunity to showcase your products or services associated with health and wellness. The look for “healthy habits” increased on Pinterest within the last year by almost 500%.


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  1. DIY home renovation projects

If you’re within the business of interior design or home renovations, you would possibly consider posting design tips, color themes, or simple DIY projects on Pinterest.


  1. Women’s style

If you own a retail boutique or design your clothes, you must take advantage of Pinterest’s audience which, while there are increasing sign-ups from men, is still primarily women.


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  1. Beauty

Pinterest can provide 2.5x more engagement on the posts that are associated with beauty and makeup.


Along with posting your images, you might consider using Pinterest to keep up-to-date with trends in your industry and see what type of looks clients could want in the future.


  1. Food and drink

Pinterest is one of the most amazing platforms when it comes to food and cuisine. It is very easy to find food bloggers and restaurants with their most famous cuisines on Pinterest.


If you work in the food industry, you must use Pinterest as an opportunity to connect and engage with other foodies, and to share recipes.


Provided points are 100% practical and can be used to get amazing leads for a business. Pinterest is really amazing when t comes to brand awareness and if your business is related to any of the above categories then you can surely benefit a lot from it. Consulting a company that provides web development services in India can also be very helpful.

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