Top 5 Digital Marketing Opportunities Available In The Market

5 Digital Marketing

The present era of digitalization has allowed businesses to spread and go global. The hype is real about the opportunities available in the digital marketing zone. The business models have shifted from a conventional modal to the digital zone. While looking back in the past, no one could have imagined what digital marketing can be all about but now in the present every day there is a new opportunity for everyone, all it takes an internet connection and a desktop to work. The world of digital marketing is humongous and at different levels, it provides opportunities to a different class of person weather having a technical background or no- technical. If we look back there was no scope for digital marketing in the early 2000s but now in 2019, the area is producing a large number of professionals.

Following are some digital marketing jobs available in the market –

1. Social media manager – social media being a larger part of our life it has a big influence over the lives of people. The person with big business or different categories of famous personalities requires a social media manager to look into the marketing aspects of the business. Social media marketing is the new big game and where a personality creates and maintains the marketing aspects of the business. In the case of TV and movie celebrities social media manager manages and strategies the upcoming projects in terms of marketing, promotion and spreading awareness.

2. Mobile marketing – mobile marketing is considered with making a reach with the target customers through email, SMS, Calls, social media, and mobile applications and offer them the required product and services. At the different levels of the marketing strategy, mobile marketing acts as the digital force to make direct contact with the target customer. The customers spend most of their time on their smartphones and while using it company can redeem the opportunity to make direct contact with a customer and on the other hand, the feedback mechanism maintains customer retention.

3. Web development – web development or mobile application development is the prime professional with big salaries. There are many multinational companies available in the market that runs on the concept of e-commerce and website development that provides employment opportunities to web developers. The job of a web developer is to develop and maintain websites for different business houses.

4. SEO & SEM expert – the market demands a professional SEO & SEM expert and at the different levels of the promotion of the website, SEO plays an important part. Through SEO company makes the maximum reach to its customers. Different companies allow the marketing departments to spend loads of budget on the SEO & SEM aspects of a business.

5. Content management and curation – social media has opened various doors in terms of employment. The business houses require a content management team to look into the digital marketing aspects of the business in terms of making and publishing digital content for the target audience.

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