Top 4 “Read more Plug-ins” for WordPress Website

Many of our patrons are the leaders of the blogging sites where the sole purpose is to entice the readers to “read more”. Well, what if we tell you that for their designing we use “read more” plugins not only to improve the functional features but also for boosting the conversion rates. Yes, it is true.

There is a simple theory behind using this plug-in. In general, people don’t want to see massive, uninterrupted blocks of text. Catchy snippets or introduction entice them to read it more. It’s not only for the blogging sites for general, but business sites can also make the best of the read more plugins for WordPress site. It makes it look more attractive and catchy.

By simply adding read more button at the end of the attractive snippets, you can instantly enhance the whole look of the web page. Here is the list of the top plug-ins that you need to create the desired look of the content:


This is one of the top picks of the best offshore web design company in India. Want to know why? This is one the plug-ins that offers comprehensive solution across all the WordPress sites. By installing it the users can easily make the desired content on display or keep it hidden. Also, the plug-in features the option of customisation where you can alter the dimensions of buttons, font size and much more.


This is one of the top favourite plug-ins of the best web design company in India. The plugins automatically shorten the look of the blog by cutting it after the first image or after the first paragraph if you haven’t used any images. If you want to make the best of the plug-in you might need the professional assistance of the best web development company in India.


This read more plugin for WordPress site is one of the popular plugins utilised for the purpose. How does it work? Well as the name suggests, it will automatically allow the web developers to show the excerpts on the home page itself. You can do it by yourself as it doesn’t require any professional know-how of coding and is customisable as well. You can turn the excerpts on or off, alter the length of it, can even change of the text of “read more” along with controlling the size and the look of the thumbnails.


This plugin offers quite flexible functionality. When the users click on “continue reading” button or link, the whole content will be displayed right there. Similarly, if they click again, the content will be hidden. This is one of the most preferred choices of web development company in India as it doesn’t direct users to a new window. It also ensures they don’t lose the page which directs them to the next step.

These are our top 4 picks for the ‘read more’ plug-ins to be used for the WordPress website.

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