Tools To Help You To Find The Best Fonts

Tools To Help You To Find The Best Fonts

Web developers and designers are always in the search of best design resources like images, fonts, colors, and textures, etc. fonts are great elements in the design whether it’s web text or print is the important communication element. Fonts are the best elements that make text readable and pleasing. Fonts are available on the internet, you can choose them according to the uses. But these fonts are extremely expensive that all the designers can’t afford. So, the best option is to use free fonts. It can be used for any purpose anywhere. Google fonts are the biggest convenient foundry of priceless fonts.

Finding a perfect one is not an easy task for web design companies. You don’t worry, in this post, we have mentioned amazing tools for finding the best fonts. These tools are extremely useful and amazing to find the perfect tool. We have some browser extensions that will help you to find font while browsing and some are mobile apps to find a font from the picture. We also have some websites for great font collection and also for a similar font. Let’s have a look at these tools that you can use in your everyday design life.


It is a great independent typography resource that was created by Jeremiah Shoaf. It is an expensive and time-consuming site. It helps designers to pick the best font combination for their design projects. You can discover the free alternatives to the popular fonts that web designers use. It features not only the google fonts but also free fonts from all over the world. You can use this font to have an adorable web design for your website.


It is a great font identifier that will help you to choose the best fonts. It uses artificial intelligence to identify fonts in a design. If you love topography this one is great for you. It uses AI to spot fonts during a style. It uses deep learning to search for the best one from the font styles. It is a priceless service which is a great advantage for desires. It is a well-known font identifier that recognizes the fonts and also shows font matches. Work smarter with WhatTheFont and also speed up your work.

Discover typography

It is a showcase of great web design inspiration. It is something amazing from the designers at H&Co. if you’re looking for something new then this one is perfect for you, it provides adorable designed and unique fonts for web designs.


It is a great tool that helps designers to find the best fonts for their projects. Discover similar, alternative, and related products to fontspark that everyone is loving. Many designers prefer this font app due to its amazing font designs. You can take your website to the next level by using this app. This has become more popular due to its free versions that everyone can use.

It is an amazing distinct text-only typographic treatment of the institution or company name used for purposes of branding and identification. In most of the cases, it cannot be copyright, as it does not reach the threshold of originally. It helps users to pick fonts by quickly displaying your text with fonts. Make your work more interesting and adorable by using this amazing platform. Designers love this to design their web due to their priceless features and services.

Font playground

An amazing platform that was recently launched by the Hoefler & co. It lets you view the same sample text in different sizes and fonts to help pick the best fonts for your project. We know it is quite difficult to choose one from the thousands, but you will be glad to know that the font playground helps you to choose easily and quickly. You can also use the dropdown options to modify the text size, typeface, highlighter scheme, and language. It was developed by JM and uses the ACE editor.


It is a useful and simple tool that tests the fonts on a live site. It allows you to create your own font. It is an amazing font making an app that provides great and limitless font customization for the designers. It gives you full power to simply personalize existing ones or makes unique handwritten fonts and you can express yourself through text. It allows you to draw your own letters, use cut, shapes, and slice, and even you can also add clipart. It has lettering hints and visual guides to help you along the way. It also has brushes to make elegant calligraphy.


It creates amazing web fonts to be used on websites. It helps users test or check google font on their websites without changing anything on the live sites. It’s a chrome extension and web application is available for the same. It is a great tool for making your choice of web fonts so interesting. Using it is a fairly easy and simple process. This tool is great to enhance the creativity of your project. If you’re looking for a tool to save your valuable time then this tool is great as it shows different google fonts.

Type font

It is a well-known experimental library that quickly detects the font of a text in a picture. It is a great and time-consuming tool that allows you to make your own font designs. It has become more popular due to its free and advanced versions.


One of the popular tools that help designers to choose the best font combinations. It allows you to mix and match different fonts for the great pairing. Fontjoy has a clean simple editable UI. it allows you to create a random font combination by just clicking the generate button. You will be glad to know that it also allows you to use the lock icon that locks the specific font while generating a font combination.

These are the best-picked tools that will help you to find the fonts quickly. So, which tool do you like most?

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