Guide to Understand Difference between Web Designing & Development

While you were looking for the right person or the right team to build your website, your search result mostly constitutes of the terms “web design” and “web development”. If you’re a newbie, chances are that you might be confusing them with each other and use it all the time. But there is one thing that needs to be considered here, which is- the two are very different from each other.

In the context of building a website, you can stumble upon usage of these words interchangeably, but in reality the two forms the two different processes that are related in website building. As per today’s framework, a website is necessary even if you’re a small scale business entity. Therefore it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the different terminologies and elements of website building. But for now, we have to direct our focus of understanding the difference between web designing and web development.

Here is the mini guide by the best web development company in India:

Let’s start with the basic introduction of Web design and web development

The first thing that you need to understand is that the terms “design” and “development” are two different terms, each having a specific meaning in context to website building. People often use them in place of other which is totally incorrect. Knowing the difference between the two terms helps you in better planning of your website and to seek the right services accordingly. Moreover, you can easily find when they’re used in the wrong context. So we shall begin explaining the difference by stating their definitions

  • Web Development:
    In simple terms, it is no different than house building. The term is used in the context of building up of the architecture of the website. The best web development company of India use codes to build the site that functions well. The core of the web development is in turning the design into reality with codes.
  • Web Design:
    This is more of the thing where the web developer decides upon what the website will look like and how it will have interacted with users. Designers come with the layout, ideas, features that are later being developed into web development. This process is more about determining the appearance, layout and functional attributes of websites. With the help of coding in web development, it is then incorporated for real. `

There is one more thing that can be explained in the context of web development and web design. In WordPress, there are themes to incorporate and there are plugins to install as well. Plugins form the part of web development as they add features and improve functional attributes of websites. WordPress themes constitute the part of web designing which is about tweaking the look of the website.

How web design and development works hand in hand?

Both web designing and web development form the core elements of website building. The two terms are different but they are intimately related as well. This is probably the biggest reason that many people confuse them for each other.

In the previous section, you learnt about how they are different from each other. In this section, we are discussing how they are related and work together for building a dynamic website. The whole process of building the website can be stated in the following points:

  1. Gathering the information and planning
    This is the primary step where the web design and development company in India creating the website will gather the necessary information. It primarily includes how the client envisions their website. How they are viewing their website to be? This forms the base of the planning of the site’s different prospects. From the functional and other features it will be having to deciding upon the major sections and number of web pages, everything will be planned here primarily.
  1. Web designing
    As we mentioned in the definition of web design, that it is mostly decided prior to web development. The outsource web design India with all the collective ideas and plans from the first step mapped out a rough structure or first draft on paper or on some type of mock-up. This is done in order to get the pilot view of the things. The client can then see it and approve it or they can request some changes they think is apt for the website. There are good chances that the client might ask for amendments and revisions which can easily be incorporated at this earlier phase. The mock-ups can be changed or tweaked accordingly. You can’t just redo all of it in an already coded website.
  1. Web development
    After getting the approved mock-up, then it’s the web development company in India that takes the lead. A website can either be built from the scratch by professional web developers or can be built upon different types of the framework, which will jump start, the whole development process. Commissioning the process of development from building the basic structure of the website, developers then proceed with adding functionality and features to it.
  1. Trials and testing
    Even with so much planning backed with professional expertise, there are good chances that things may not work out as expected. Therefore trial and testing are necessary before making the website live. The professional will do that and that will give you the fair idea of how web design and development go hand in hand.

All this information is necessary to help you in choosing the right team for your website design and development. Only after understanding this you can understand, how the two processes are so different from each other yet go hand in hand in website building. Website building is not an easy task. What till now seems to be a single process, are actually two different sets of one big process which required a whole different set of skills. Therefore, you have to analyse your needs and hire the best web design and Development Company in India for building an attractive and dynamic business website

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