6 Tips to Run a Social Media Contest That Gets Engagement

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Running a contest on Social media can provide tons of engagement and conversions. Brands consult a web development company in India to plan the right strategies to make it possible. Although many things are unusual and based on the years of marketing experience, there are still few things that can be done easily to get lots of engagement on social media platforms.


Given below are 6 tips to run a social media contest that can provide lots of engagement to brands:


  • Ask them to tag a friend or share to win

This is one of the foremost common sorts of social media contest because it necessitates entrants to spread the word, which successively attracts other entrants.

Many magazines used Instagram to market their contest so that they could cash in on hashtags. Notice that they used local hashtags, which suggests that they will likely get participants in their local area, making for a more targeted approach to the competition. This will provide new followers who might be interested in the content of the magazine.


  • Ask them to showcase their creativity

Many people are inherently creative, but unless they add an ingenious field, they’ll not have the chance to enjoy artistic endeavors as often as they’d like. This is why coloring, poetry, and art contests are an excellent choice for social media participants who are incentivized by both the prize and therefore the means to urge it.


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  • Ask them to get on camera

Photo contests are an excellent option because many of us access social media platforms on mobile devices. That means the camera is probably going built into the device they’re using once they first see the competition announcement, making for a frictionless entry. Plus, it is often fun to be a model for each day.


  • Ask them to share their opinion

If you have ever read the comments section of a trending social media post, you recognize that folks are social and like to share their opinions. Consider prompting participants with an issue they need to answer to enter the competition. By asking them to share their opinion, you’re getting them to believe a subject associated with your brand, and you enjoy the engagement and interaction that happens as a result.


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  • Ask them to contribute and be featured

Recognition may be a common motivator, so contests where being featured is that the prize can have pretty decent success. These sorts of contests are an excellent idea because:

  1. You get free content within the sort of contributions.
  2. The prize is promoting the best contribution.
  3. It increases the brand awareness of your brand.


  • Ask them to vote

Contests that have a voting element are great for engagement because it prompts users to interact to win, and it’s within the contestants’ best interests to spread the word.


Provided points are 100% practical and can provide amazing results when it comes to getting engagements on social media platforms through a contest. If for some reason you are not able to follow these points by yourself, then consulting a company that provides web development services in India will be very useful.

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